Thursday, December 9, 2010

In memoir of my dad...

Death; A jumble of letters that convey plethora of emotion,
As you begin to live, 'It awaits you' is imbibed as a notion.

when the ultimatum reaches you, thy have found your destination,
you seize to exist, to experience its manifestation.

To the world behind, its an inevitable chore of one's life
to the blood line, its the last trace of you, cuts deep like a knife.

you were flesh and blood, just before a while,
now, where do i search for that rare smile.

As a tiny toddler, I grew wrapped in your arms,
holding fond memories of the gifts, portrayal of your love and charm.

And there came a day, when i found in you many folly,
in the simplest things, only to realize now, how silly?

Dad, there were many times, we never could cut a compromise,
It's true i expected more in you, its also true that i loved you, I promise.

Now that i believe there is so much left unsaid...
I only want to ask, "Did you enjoy living with us?"

Dated: 18the Jan 2006

He Surpassed the physical plane on 9th Dec 2005, in memory of our times together, on his 5th Anniversary.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Modernisation hasn't changed anything,
For corruption still lingers in everything.

When people can elect haughty, selfish leader,
You understand they are no better.

Justice is no more in the court,
It lies in the political men's fort.

Common men are helpless as they say,
Even without trying their way .

They misuse their own freedom,
Showing the lack of one's wisdom.

Neither you nor me can claim the blame,
For the world has decided to go after money and fame.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Believe in the goodness of life

A couple lived in the woods by the stream away from the urban humdrum they were brought up in. They were both well educated, gave up their well paying corporate jobs and made the woods their home. Vinay and Riya woke up every day to the sounds of the chirping birds. Riya sets out to fetch water from the gushing stream. In the distant, she watches Vinay collect woods for the week as the mighty sun struggles to penetrate its rays into the thick tropic forest. It has been a month since they set out on a mission to embrace nature and explore sustainable development forgoing their burgeoning techno culture in the cities. Since then, Riya has found an inner peace that she had never known to be existent.

Riya and vinay discuss their plans for the tribal community inhabitant in the forest as they eat their breakfast of handpicked fruits and cereals. Both of them love nature and often went on treks in search of nature trails to break away from their mechanical living. In one of their treks, they lost their trail and were helped by the tribes. They were amazed at the sustainable living they witnessed in the center of the thick tropical forest.

The memories of that trail didn’t elude them. It was a quiet a dangerous trail, and having lost their way, they were frightened and worried. They swore that they will never enter the jungles again! Now, that they were back to their routine, hectic work schedules stole their time together. The ideals of the materialistic world suffocated Riya. She was often confronted with situations where her real aspirations were brushed aside by the cynical society. Riya’s energy was being zapped into fruitless mundane activities. She was caught in the cycle of living, often worrying about ‘what-if’ situations. She wanted to break free and go soul searching.

Vinay was equally charmed by the virgin forests, the lush green landscape, the hooting of the animals, the chill breeze swaying in the air, and the company of dear Riya keeping pace with him. One fine day, the couple could no longer resist and they decided to escape to the hills. Riya and Vinay opted to stay in the comfort of a resort 1500 meters above sea level.

Riya was perched on a rock overlooking a vista of green meadows in the highest peak of the region. Vinay was staring at the dark clouds that were re-arranging themselves into different meaningful figures.

“Vinay, why do we have to compete for all the things that we desire?”

“We compete for the things we need, not what we desire!”

Riya turns back. Her hair sways in the wind.

“But we do compete! We fight hard; we work beyond hours to buy that house, to buy that car. Don’t we?”

“Does your heart desire a beautiful house or peaceful home?”

Riya falls silent.

“Riya, we earn, we build a house, buy a car, save a ransom for kids because Human being needs security.”

“Right! We are rational creatures so we secure ourselves”

“And in the process we fail to live”

“Vinay, what is your argument that we should renounce worldly pleasure?”

“No! Believe in the universe”.

Riya slowly walks up to Vinay.


“Have you been worried that your new car may be hit? Have you been worried that your house will be burglared? Have you been worried that there may be traffic congestion when you set to work? Have you been worried that your servant maid may not turn up today? Have you been worried that your colleague may not finish his deadline and it would land on you? We take precautions for everything in life. We are constantly thinking of situation where something may go wrong and prepare our self to brace it”
“Isn’t that good? We are prepared for the worst!”

“Riya, who is against you? Who is going to bring you worries? Where is the worst?”

Riya closes her eyes and says, “None.”

“We have been wired to think that way Riya, we constantly feel we may be harmed without any absolute reason. The worst is only in our minds. Don’t you think so?”

“More often than not! Yes.”

“Universe is here to provide each of us a beautiful experience. Believe in her manifestations.”

She realizes much more than what Vinay says.

Vinay holds her and shows her a nest on a tree top.A nest with four hatchlings sticking out their neck looking out for their mother. Vinay explains how the bird believes in the universe to guard the young ones that has just been hatched, if the birds thought, the wind may tear up the nest, if the birds thought the eggs may fall off the nest, every bird will have to build cover nets around the tree and nets over the cover nets like the way we Humans insure all our belongings.

Riya clasps vinay’s hand and they watch the mother feed the young ones.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Introversion questionnaire – Results, interpretations and facts!

Thanks to everyone who responded to the questionnaire. The intention of the questionnaire was to survey the opinion people hold about introverts. I have to admit the sample size was small and the number of questions was less to draw empirical conclusions, nevertheless the observations made for the responses received goes as follows:

1.Majority of the individuals enjoy the company of a friend who is an introvert but would rarely prefer to make an introvert as a friend.
2.Majority of the individuals differ in their behavior towards introverts of the opposite sex.
3.Majority of the individuals believe extroverts are more interesting than introverts.
4.Individuals were divided on their views about introverts being shy and lonely.
5.Extroverts believed introverts can make good companions than introverts themselves.

The common myths that people hold about introverts are that these individuals are Unfriendly, Shy, they lack Social Skills, they won't talk to people, they dislike being with people, are socially withdrawn, loners, and spoilers of party.

Every Individual exhibits both extroversion and introversion as characteristics. It is their predominant inclination towards a particular trait that comes off as their characteristic. An introvert focuses inwards, an individual who is interested in his/her own mental disposition. They channel their energy to progress through reflection. It is believed that as people grow, they gradually move from extraversion to introversion.

Introverts are not loners; they have their own small social circle. They are not shy either; they have a social preference rather than a social withdrawal. Introverts are good at working well with interpersonal, long term relations. They are individualistic, have greater ability to concentrate, responsible and self reflective. They exhibit greater creative skills attributed to inward thinking.

Ambivert is one who takes the mid path; one who enjoys social interaction and also relishes his own time. As individuals we should aspire to balance out the extraversion-introversion disposition in us and take the middle ground.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Making the mystical connection

Unless you transcend the physical there is no question of oneness! - Sadhguru

The Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple of Isha Yoga foundation, located 30 kms from Coimbatore offers you that experience to transcend and unify with the oneness. Dhyanalinga is an energy center of tremendous proportion, the energy of the seven chakras is locked at its peak. The architecture has a profound science as its pedestal. The elliptical dome that houses the Linga and the vortex of energy is a concentric circle of bricks stabilized without the use of any concrete, cement or pillar.

I was quiet eager to leverage the mysticism of the place and experience a meditative state. It is said that one need not have any prior knowledge/experience of meditation; one naturally attains meditative state by sitting silently for few minutes. One enters the dome in groups and is expected to be seated for 15 minutes, after which a bell is sounded and the next group walks in. It is individual’s choice to leave or continue their experience. Once inside, there is certain aura that is inexplicable. I first sat down to gape at the doom and slowly closed my eyes and began concentrating on my breath. As I began to relax, I gradually divulged into an inner space. The water that drips from the center of the dome on to the water body surrounding the Dhyanalinga leads to rhythmic trance.

I initially thought I would meditate as I always do and use this aura to seek few answers. My experience translated to another rendition. I realized the answer I was seeking was conspicuous and this moment was to experience another realm of vibration! Before I walked in, this yogic temple came as a place for meditation but being there I realized it was much more – Divine Energy! At the end of the fifteenth minute I was in a deep state and I continued to stay there. I was seeing the Big picture, Life’s mundane questions eluded the space and I was making mystical connection. Transference of energy - I let go of my negative energy and drew positivity! I gradually transcended back to my original state, ready to walk away when the bell sounded again. I would have loved to stay a longer! I promised myself, another day.

An excerpt from a weekend well spent with old buddies!

Updated:I am sharing my experience about visiting the DhyanaLinga yogic temple alone, i have no opinions on Isha Yoga Foundation and their programs.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Spare a minute!

Here are some questions about a specific personality type we come across in other individuals and ourselves. I request you to spare a couple of minutes and answer the questions for me :) you can leave a comment or drop an email
( Feel free to pass the link to your friends. I am not assessing your personality and am just looking for opinion from people. Thank You!

1)In a party would you like to give company to an opposite sex (You have just met) who is very reserved?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

2)In a party would you like to give company to same sex (You have just met) who is very reserved?
b)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

3)At work place/College do you admire people who keep to themselves and complete their work with perfection?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

4)Would you get irritated if your friend questions you about his/her look several times when you are out together?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

5)Do you think you can make an interesting conversation with an introvert?
a)Never b)rarely c)Sometimes d)Often

6)Do you like spending time with an introvert friend?
a)Never b) Rarely c)Sometimes d)Often

7)In your opinion are introverts shy?
a)Yes b) No

8)In your opinion do you think introverts prefer to stay alone most of the time?
a)Yes b) No

9)Do you think introverts are unfriendly and socially withdrawn?
a)Yes b)No

10)Are you an introvert?
a)Yes b) No

Discovery of self

Studying psychology helps not only to understand the psyche of others, but also your own self. I remember being very curious in the First year to interpret my results of the psychological test that we take in our experimental class. It helped me ascertain certain characteristics that I possess and confirm the rest. When I sat to take up the test this year, little did I know there would be a significant difference in the results. Have I changed in less than year? Yes I have.

It came as a surprise to me initially, but then with every day, I realized my views/opinions had changed over the year. I didn’t have to complete the test and wait for the result, I knew even while attempting to answer those questions. I was quite aware of my answers – how I picked a different option from the last year. The tests aren’t the same, the questions are different but they intrinsically determine your trait. I was aware of the transformational journey I am enduring but to capture it in form of empirical results was quite revealing! The change within triggered off when I attended Level-1 Clinical Hypnosis course early this year and from then have been experiencing new realms.

In one of the lectures, my professor shared an interesting observation. He said when people meet after a long while and exchange pleasantries, we take pride when the other person remarks, “You haven’t changed a bit, you are just the same even after 10 long years.” He told us, if one doesn’t change it only implies he hasn’t grown and is still immature. It’s definitely a point to ponder, I was able to relate with his observation, and most of us do feel good about staying the way we are. Why don’t we like to grow? We tend to equate not changing to not having acquired any bad traits. Negative co-relation of events is the way human mind works; we have programmed ourselves to be so. Having not changed also means we have failed to progress! The question of whether the change has done you good/bad is a different implication to mull over. The willingness to change holds the key to transformation.

Monday, September 27, 2010


To begin with, I am glad that I managed to attend my contact classes, I still remember when I applied for the course I was a little worried if I will be able to allocate the time the course demanded. Looking back, I realize if you have an honest desire, the universe will help you fulfill it! Thank You.

The experience this time around was different from the last year in more than one way. Last year was more about comprehending the system in place and wondering about a new subject, this year around the admiration for subject grew on one side; on the other we had loads of fun!

As we were already attenuated to the system, it was easier to get our work done on time – a cake walk! We had plenty of time on hand, and lot of people around staying together, just translated to more fun. We spent most of the evenings together, walking around the streets of the small town. If one had to make the evening special then it had to be a temple visit! There is definitely an aura around temples that is inexplicable. It is just so wonderful to sit in a temple premise, stare into the open sky and listen to your friend talk ;) And just when you are to wind up, you realize they are distributing ‘Prasadham’, as you extend your hands to help yourself, yummy ‘Kozhukattai’ are placed onto your palms. Sure we ate loads of them, smacking our lips, to our heart’s content.

In a small town, what can keep you excited and on your toes? Food!! We conducted several experiments to make sure our taste buds were working perfectly fine ;) “Bring it on” was the only phrase uttered when we entered the restaurants! I can’t leave this space without mentioning about the Ice creams @ SVS, the stack of south Indian tiffin @ SR and the long wait @ MC to get to the Chicken legs! The biggest entertainment of the stay was our visit to the theatre to watch a movie – the excitement over entering the cinema hall and grabbing your seats first just died down as the movie progressed ;) Nevertheless a first experience to relish. Our craving for good food didn’t stop with venturing at nights; we even found a shack for lunch that served mouth watering home food – Can’t beat their fish curry – yummy!

The lessons were interesting at times, boring otherwise. We definitely did get pointers to many other sources – the best you could expect out of a few days contact program. We were provided glimpses of variant theories; I could draw parallel to Eastern psychology/philosophy - interesting bits to be explored further. The lectures in parts stimulated many thoughts and questions, reading more books and closely working with experienced professionals only would help one garner more knowledge and expertise. The course ends with appearing for theory examination mid next year but the learning will continue.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It is that time of the year - contest season @ Toastmasters

4th September 2010 - Humorous and Evaluation contests at our club - Wordsmiths Toastmasters !

I have been attending Humorous contests for the last 2 seasons, and this year i participated in the humorous contest! My participation in an Humorous contest is an achievement by itself considering the fact that i have no funny bones :)

Contests in Toastmasters always remain the same - great camaraderie and healthy competitive spirit, this year was no exception. There were 7 contestants in Humorous speech contest and 8 contestants in Evaluation contest. Before the onset of the contest, the contestants were seen grouped together sharing light moments and motivating one another.

The standards of the humorous contest was mind blowing. All the contestants were at their hilarious best, the audience had a beautiful evening laughing out loud. My experience of being at the contests affirms the fact that - "Contest brings out the best in you". The contestants varied from having 2 months to 3-4 years of Toastmaster experience, competing on par with each other.

Participation in this contest was yet another lovely experience, being my first in a Humorous contest, i had taken this as an opportunity to better certain areas of my speaking skills. I concentrated on experimenting with my body language and voice variation as i focused on being a little dramatic shedding my own imprinted style of delivery. Voila! It worked. My biggest take away from the contest was the compliments and acknowledgments i received from fellow toastmasters who did see an improvement and a change of style. Of course i did get suggestions on how i can improve further. Compliments from a veteran Toastmaster who has seen me delivery speeches from very early on made my day :) Lot of finer details had been recognized!

One suggestion that i have been receiving for a long time now is about my voice - the softness :( With this delivery i was able to bring variations when i delivered dialogues but a Toastmaster who saw me speak for the first time told me, i was soft. **Still**

A good friend of mine did a remarkable job with his delivery in the Humorous contest he was rightly bestowed the second place. Now! you have got to better this buddy ;)

The contest ended with smiles, hand shakes and hugs! Kudos to everyone who made the contest a memorable event, The contest chair, contest Masters, Judges, Role players, contestants and the audience.

Winners from Wordsmith

Humorous contest
1. Rajeev Nambiar
2. Krishnan chidambaram
3. Divya Palaniappan

Evaluation contest
1. Divya Palaniappan
2. Rajeev Nambiar
3. Krishnan chidambaram

Congratulations !!

We missed our Toastmaster friends, who are away on official assignments abroad. You were definitely on our minds!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quaint encounter

The weather was pleasant as I drove from the basement car park. I was driving back from office. I stopped for a while on the road to adjust the straps of my footwear. As I started to get back on to the road, a guy hit me from the right. He was speeding on his bike on the road that was wet. Bang ! He swerved and fell. The mistake was on both the sides to be honest. I should have been in control to stop in spite of the low visibility due to rain. He shouldn’t have intended to cut me, could have slowed down on seeing me. Anyways I decided to wait for him to recover and signaled an apology – Mistake No 1. He asked me to come to sides, which I obliged – Mistake No 2.

“Look at what you have done”.
“Ok. Sorry” (Shouldn’t accept your mistake at all times)
“Why did you come like that?”
“You weren’t right either”
“Look at my bike”
The bike had one visible mark in the doom.
“See what has happened to my bike”
“What should I do?”
“What do you want now?”
“Give me money”
“I don’t have money”
“I will file a case against you”
“Ok. Please do”
He didn’t expect that response.
“No! I want money”
He became quite aggressive
“You are driving a car, how can you not have money?”
“Get down”
“I fell down. Did you fall? Come out.”

I wish his words were so decent, but it wasn’t. He showed no respect. Thank God he didn’t use abusive language. He was so close to the window pane. I would have given him money if only he had the right attitude. For a second, I even thought may be he is not well do and this damage would mean a lot to him, but not with his behavior. I felt if I had taken my wallet to give money he would have just grabbed it. He didn’t let me raise the window pane. He was literally harassing me, he tried to force me out of car. It was getting beyond my control. I just backed up and drove away.

He was one male chauvinist with a very low self-esteem. Sometimes it is not worth empathizing with others. Though I was in the background relating to his psychology to co-operate, it wasn’t the right moment. One positive thing to have happened is I kept my cool all through out and wasn’t provoked.

It’s sad that such incidents make you less responsible socially. The next time anything of this sort I encounter, my instant reaction would be drive. It is more important to secure myself than think of the men of such low stature.

I wish and pray he heals mentally and physically from the effects of this incident.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Stepping into the sixth..

I didn't want to look back and say, "I have completed 5 years of my career in the IT industry" rather i am looking ahead, today i begin another year :-) It is a new beginning, a new phase in my career. I channeled a mixed set of emotions as i walked away from my work place this evening! Only time can define that emotion !

It is hard not to be reminiscing on an anniversary. I feel so delighted for my batch mates who have successfully completed the 5 years in their First company :) In the age of Naukris and Monsters, it is feat by itself. Kudos !! On a personal front, i have seen varied work culture, contrasting people, diversified business strategies, rooted to one technology and one domain. Great exposure !!

At this moment i really want to thank my Colleagues without whom the whole journey would have taken a different route. A special mention to my Managers @ HCL Technologies, you will always be remembered :) Thank you !!

I am stepping into the sixth with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as on Day 1 !! A new place - new challenges that would redefine my experience. Wishing me an enriching journey ahead :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The fateful night - Part 2

The cop was retrieving the messages and calls registered from Riya’s mobile. The last message received was from Avinash at 12.30 saying “Good Night Honey!!” The post mortem report says she died around 12.30. Did he kill her and send the message to circumvent the investigation? The cigarette butts at the corner of his desk was disturbing, he found them near Riya’s gate. A half burnt cigarette of the same brand was found in her home. These were the only clues to the investigation. A mobile phone, cigarette butts and one half burnt.

“I thought she had slept. Didn’t imagine an untoward incident to occur uncle”.
“Calm down my son”.
“It is when she didn’t pick my call in the morning I got really anxious and that’s when you called and I hid my trepidation”.
“What do you think could have happened? Who could it be?”
“The police suspect me. They questioned me with a suspicion eye. Why would I do it uncle, why? why?”
“It is their duty to suspect”.
“Uncle, you know it’s not me”.
“Of course, I know”.
“Thanks Uncle”.
“The culprits will be punished by God; my dear daughter doesn’t deserve such a farewell”.
Clasped hands, the two men broke down seeking for divine intervention.

Avinash doesn’t smoke. Riya and Avinash were a happy couple; small tiffs but never anything out of bounds. The investigation was reaching a dead end but there was no explanation to the cigarette butts.
The police began investigating the angle of Riya’s other male friends having vested interest in her.
“Do you know Riya’s friends? How was their relation?”
“Yes. We are all good friends.”
“Anybody was interested in Riya? Did she reject any proposals?”
”One of our seniors proposed to her. She ignored him but he never troubled her”.
“Give me his details. Does he smoke?”
“I am not sure”.
“Did you go with any other friends on the night of her death?”
“No. We were alone”.
“Nobody knew where you were?”
“You told me the car broke down. Did anyone help?”
“Think my boy. It’s your Riya. Who helped you with break down?”
“The driver did it all himself.”
“The driver?”
“Yes. I told we hired a cab. And…”
“The driver was a heavy smoker.”
“Details of the cab?”
“I know the cab operator’s.”
“Come. Let us go”

Kring..Kring! Kringgg..Kringgggggg!!!
Riya came running down the stairs, hurriedly opened the door.
“Sir did not give me the full payment madam. He gave only 900. The bill is 1300”
“He paid you 1300. I counted the money as well. Check properly”.
His breath was filled with alcoholic odor.
“You come tomorrow and sort it out”.

He pushed the door open throwing her to the floor.
“I need money right now.”
“I don’t have any. Go out”

He was rummaging her house, threatening her with a knife.
She didn’t want to give money to a silly drunkard. She fought him and ran upstairs to grab her mobile from the table when he got jeopardized and stabbed her in fear.
Her phone beeped. “Good Night Honey!!”

Monday, August 16, 2010

The fateful night - Part 1

Kring..Kring! Kringgg..Kringgggggg!!!

The Door bell.

"Riya..Riya.."We are home. Open the door!!

Riya’s mom hesitantly turns the door knob and the door hinges give way. She peeps in as her husband collects the luggage from their car. They have returned from their relative’s wedding in a nearby town.

She walks in leaving the door ajar. Her home wasn’t quite the same place as she left it a day before, it was amiss. The cushions were thrown off the sofa; the magazines were fluttering as the pedestal fan swung from side to side. As her gaze shifted, she spotted a broken idol of Lord Ganesha at the corner. A flower pot was kicked centered at the stairway. The curtains had been pulled down and dragged along.

“Megha! What is gone wrong here? Where is Riya?”

Her heart starts pounding harder. Her sweaty palm fails to clasp the rails. She misses her step and stumbles. They run up the stairs to find their daughter in a pool of blood. The world swirled around them. They gasped for breath.

The mobile rings; clenched in her hands the mobile rings. They were unable to move, fixated by the sequence of events that had unfolded.

Avinash calling…

Avinash(23) was registered under the missed call list.

Her father calls Avinash.

“Uncle, Riya is doing fine here. When are you and Aunty coming back?”

“Uncle, why are you shuddering? Where are you? Is there a problem out there?”

“When did you last speak to Riya?”

“Last night uncle. She is doing fine. Don’t worry. “

“Come home.”

Avinash was worried. “Did Uncle find out we met last night at home in their absence?”

He hurriedly parked his bike and rushed in. He was terrified at the sight of cops standing guard in front of the house. The distant wails intensified his trepidation. As he approached the entrance, he felt very obnoxious; the strewn petals and foot wears made him queasy.


Avinash was taken in for questioning.

“Did you meet her yesterday?”

“Yes, we did.”

“When did you last see her and where?”

“At 11 last night. We had gone out together and I dropped her back home”

“Where did you go?”

“We went to Mahabalipuram.”

“How long have you known her?”

“We have been seeing each other for the last 2 years.”

“How was your trip yesterday?”


“Did you have any misunderstandings during the trip?”

“I wish I did. I would have stayed back with her.”

“Did you pick up a fight or an argument?”

“I told you, I wish.”

“She was last seen with you.”


“That’s all we know. You got to explain what happened when you dropped her, as you claim.”

“We spent some time talking and I started from her house around 12.”

“I heard it as 11 before.”

“We came back at 11, but we spent some time together”

“Did you see anything unusual around her house when you left? Did she come out of her home to say bye?”

“No, she stayed indoors. I shut the automatic door to lock. Nothing unusual”.

“Is there any information you want to share that you think may be vital for this investigation?”

“Not any that I summon now”

“Any incident or person that has bothered Riya in the last few days.”


“Do you guys always return home late?”

“The car broke down and hence the delay.”

“Car ! ”

“yes, we had hired a cab”

“ Did you pick up any fights on your way back home. Any accidents?”

“I would have told you if we did.”

“Ok Avinash. You can go home. We will get in touch with you if we require your help further. ”
The cop grinned and gave Avinash a pat.

Avinash had no clue on who could have possibly done such a horrendous act. Riya was a simple, humble girl, she didn’t have any foes.


He entered her house. Uncle was morbidly reading the newspaper, while aunty was resting on the dining table chin down. Her face was swollen; her eyes were read and wet. He couldn’t believe at the imagery unfolding in a once lively home. Riya would come running down cheerfully to greet him, but today he was left only with those visions.

“What happened that night?”

“When I dropped Riya at home, everything was normal.”

“Did you speak to her after you left?”

“No. She didn’t pick my call. “


Monday, July 19, 2010

Magical Masinagudi trip

We started from Chennai at 4.15p.m on a Friday evening excited that are weekend plan was on. In a few minutes the Rain gods blessed us with mild spells setting a jubilant mood for the drive. We halted at Bangalore for the night and hit the roads again at 5.30a.m in the morning, before the city could get into action. The plan was to take the State Highway (SH-17) to reach Mysore and then proceed further towards Bandipur Wildlife sanctuary. We stopped over at Kamat Laukri, just after Ramnagaram for breakfast – nice place that serves traditional south Indian breakfast. The weather was mild, the drive was refreshing. We reached Mysore and the stretch from here till Nanjangud doesn’t offer an effortless drive. After carefully maneuvering the many pot holes, the road to Gundlupet was uniform. As the road way was inching towards Bandipur, a renewed silence engulfed the atmosphere with serenity hanging around the vicinity. We turned off our music and began listening to the birds chirp. We were getting accustomed to the environment and slowly drifted into the clatters from the wildlife in the forest. As the gentle breeze kissed our cheeks, we transcended into another space. We spotted Deers right at the entrance way to Bandipur and few Elephants as we crossed the forest. We were glad that our wildlife spotting began early.

We crossed the Karnataka State Border, entered into the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve area. We continued to blend with the acoustics of the nature and finally saw some civilian activity as we approached Masinagudi Town. We had clear directions and maps from the web and hence we could proceed without any stop over’s to Bokkapuram where most of the resorts are located. We had our bookings in ‘Jungle Hut’ – a lovely property to unwind. As we drove in, the landscape of the property was welcoming us with a broad smile; little did we know that the people who run the place would wear a broader smile. It is run by a family who live in the property – there is a home touch in everything. It felt like holidaying in a place where travelers were welcomed to join them, share their joy of being with nature. The hosts are very courteous and hospitable. We dumped our baggage in the cottage and walked around the property, immersing in its beauty. Absorbed in its tranquility I rested myself on the hammock to continue reading my book – ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’, didn’t need a better book. The pulchritude of nature allured me to establish a connection with ‘thy’. I rested my book and closed my eyes, slipping towards a quieter inner space. I went into a deep state of relaxation, being comforted by the chirping birds, buzzing insects and hissing branches. Mild breeze gently gliding past my ears, the chillness piercing through my skin, I was deep in my own space. Ecstatic. I didn’t want to get back to the real world but this is my abode now. I quietly returned to the serene surroundings.

We wandered around and settled down in the lounge – again a nicely done place. We spent time talking about nothings over a drink. The resort guide briefed about the variant Safaris and Treks that we can engage in. We quickly decided to do both the safari and the trek. The guide was very amicable. I didn’t want to do the Safari as we don’t get to sight any animals in the Safaris; at least the ones I have done so far and heard of. The guide was sweet talking and I thought why not give it a chance, after all animal sighting is a Chance. We had to start for the Safari at 3p.m; it was to be 2-3 Hr Safari deep into the Bandipur reserve. We went refreshed ourselves and dived into food. The resort has a Buffet system; all their dishes are tasty, Home style. The food is not exotic but is variant, cooked subtly to smack our lips and fill our stomachs. The desserts are very yummy. We finished lunch, unwound a bit as the deer sprawled around our cottages. It was time for the Safari. We drove in our vehicle into the Bandipur national park. Mr.JP, the naturalist who accompanied us for the Safari was educated in forestry. Wildlife and forest is his way of living. Both the guide and JP shared lot of information about wildlife with us that made the Safari interesting. For the first hour we really didn’t spot any animal, nevertheless the ride through the forest was enriching. We spotted Sambha Deer (Female) first; they were licking from the Salt pits made by the forest department. I have never seen a Sambha Deer before. It has reddish gall that seems like an open wound but isn’t. Sambha Deers are Tigers favourite hunt. Little further we sighted Bisons(Female) drinking water from a pond. All our animal sightings were close encounters – really worth it. It was the experience of Mr.JP that came in; he would spot the animal far away, turn off the engine and wait. He would then take us closer to the animals. We saw Monkeys, Deer, Peacock, Mongoose, Sambha deer (Male) and Serpent Eagle. It began to drizzle enhancing the experience. We saw a herd of elephants against the misty backdrop of the rain, dozen elephants inclusive of three baby elephants lead by the matriarch. Awesome. Our Safari came to an end. A chance well taken. We had to drive back to the resort in the dark. We spotted Male Bisons on the way and our guide was close to spotting a Leopard. We either missed it in the dark or he mistook it for a leopard.

Back to the resort, the evening was harmonic. We spent time idling at the lounge, indulged in a game of Pictionary. They have many board games and books stocked. It was an idyllic evening – small talks, a game of Pictionary, dinner and drinks. We woke up the next day early for the trek. It was guided trek in the hills behind the property. We were in a group of 8, it wasn’t very tough trail. A trek into the forest is always exciting. Two days back a couple on trek saw a bear, we weren’t so lucky! I was hoping we could spot more wildlife but we had to be content with the flora. We trekked to two high grounds from where one gets good view of the landscape – Breath taking. Little higher up, there was a stream, drenching one’s feet in a fresh stream of gushing water after a trek is rejuvenating. It was time to take the decent, the clouds were hovering above and we treaded back to our resorts.

We went straight to please our stomach; the trek had acted as a good appetizer. We finished breakfast, had little time before we could check-out. I went back to my hammock, completed my book – content in imagery and words. The book planted many seeds to be watered. We were all set for our journey back home. It was a refreshing break away from the routine. A very short trip that has left a lasting impact. We bid adieu to the hosts and made a silent promise to come back again on another day.

Travel Info

Chennai – Bangalore – Mysore – Nanjangud – Gundlupet – Bandipur – Masinagudi.
[Mysore – Nanjangud stretch is patched with many potholes. Rest of the stretch to Masinagudi is smooth.]

Stay at:
Jungle Hut, Bokkapuram.

The resorts serves buffet. No restaurants can be found in the vicinity.

Food on the roads:
Plenty of Dhabas and Eating outlets can be found along the Mysore-Bangalore highway.

Activities: Safari and Trek. Bird watching, Elephant feeding can also be done.

Best for: Relaxing with family and friends away from the hustle-bustle of the city life.
Making a mystical connection with nature and wildlife.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Non-special Day

Today isn’t a special day in my calendar, yet in the couple of hours I have lived this day, I am feeling light and gay. Not many times one gets to feel delighted on a mundane week day. I do, today. I woke up to a lovely [bound to happen] news that lead to a chirpy small talk at home reminiscing few moments from the past.

The door bell rang. I got the book I had ordered – ‘Many lives, Many worlds’. Books excite me. I was engrossed in it as I traveled to work. A breeze of realization dawned up on me as I was staring out of the window, sinking in those words. Realizations make life meaningful. As I walked to my desk, was pondering over the events that are to occur in near future and the many events that have occurred. The moment was light and ephemeral, wanted to capture the essence before it could evade.

Ctrl+Alt+Del – Unlock my desktop. Open Gmail. One of the first things I do at work ;) In the list of junk mails, I find a mail from Robert Langdon, subject reads ‘The Lost Symbol’. I could have easily given it a miss, but I didn’t. It is a mail from Robert inviting me to join him in unveiling the lost symbol. The rules of the plot neatly laid. It wasn’t hard to guess the man behind the mail with many conspicuous hints to reveal his identity :) Looking forward to the maze that is to unfold! Bowled over by the surprise, let a sigh of exhilaration.

We are driving down to Masinagudi for the weekend. Looking forward to a day filled with lighter moments that cost smiles. Happy ‘Non-special’ Day!!

First step

She was raring to go, but confined by her ability to move. She was getting older, and with every passing month her eagerness was on the rise. The world around her was evolving. She lay amidst the beauty of the universe, her innocence blending into the oneness. She sought comfort in that expanse, plenty to ponder over and relish. Every day brought in a new excitement, comprehending her world was her only challenge.

In her twinkling eyes, she held the rapt attention of the angels above. She conquered the hearts of her guarding souls with her mischievous smile.

She was building an elephant’s strength to take on the steady influx of novelty in her life; energized by the power of thousand suns to explore the unexposed. She was waiting for the world to unfold itself, before she could tread along to etch her path.

One day, she was determined to take the plunge. In her quest to extend her territory, she shunned her inhibition to experiment. She let go of her supporting walls, for a split second she held her balance and fell back to her supporting wall for assurance. Her face convoluted a multitude of expression, those emotions explicable only to her. She looked around for her guardian souls at the corner of her eye and shared a sly smile with glee. She wanted to beat her timing and her adrenaline was pumping harder. She wasn’t ready to call it day. She tried, tried and tried. With every try she was gaining expertise in the balancing act. Her guardian souls were perched closer to hold her support when she needed. With assuring smiles, wooing calls, nothing could stop her.

With all the encouragement she wanted to break from the shackles of confinement and be on her own in her tryst with destiny. She showed resolute to take the first step forward. Perched were we again around her to cheer her as she took on her mission. She took her hands of her support, balancing with care, hesitantly staring at us for directions. We egged her to reach out to us, but she couldn’t hold her balance, rested herself on those reliable walls. She didn’t let it go. She had to attempt. She did it again, we were anxiously waiting, her knees buckled under and she lost her balance. Five pairs of hands reached out to hold her from falling. She restored her balance. We saw fright in her eyes, a reflection of our involuntary surge of emotion. As we broke into a smile, she held on smiling. She never gave up. We were more adept to guide her now. As she stood balanced, we extended our hands to encourage her to put the first foot forward. She only took a finger to reinforce the confidence. As she held on to the finger, she took the mighty big step forward. She did it amongst the thunderous applause from her guiding souls. She didn’t retire.

She continued to take the tiny steps by holding our fingers but wasn’t enough to satisfy her. She went back to her reliable supporting wall, stood balanced looking at us with a mixed sense of ecstasy and pride. She was ready to take her first step all by her own. Her single point of focus was her guardian soul with arms stretched out, seated a meter away. With all her effort she put her best foot forward followed by the other to synchronize her movement - termed ‘walk ‘, to reach her destination, the comforting arms of her angel. As we looked up on with pride, she was immersed in joy, the joy of exploring the unknown. I am sure she would tread upon her life relishing in its beauty with the same resolute she showed in taking her first step.

Today is her birthday. She is turning two. She is celebrating her birthday on board with her mom and dad. Missing you my cute little sweetie pie!!

Here is wishing you a life filled with peace and harmony. There are many more First steps to take in life. Don’t fret; they would be as beautiful as your First.

Happy Birthday Yahavi!!

Hugs & Kisses - Mama & Aththai.

I am not sure why I had to write about your first step on your second birthday, I believe this is my celebration on your birthday. I hope it would be a good read for you when you grow up baby.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The guardian angel

Once upon a time there lived a wise old lady in a bustling village along the course of River Cauvery. Rajammal clad in her traditional six yard sari sporting a bright red bindi centered like a fire ball, was the mascot for the village. The dingles from her ear drops dangling down her earlobes were the harbinger for the children waiting to hound her with love. She could be found under the huge banyan tree near her house, vividly narrating moral stories to the young children of the village every evening.

The villagers looked up to her for wise decisions, she happened to have quick solutions for all their woes carefully wrapped under the secret folds of her sari. As she walked along the green paddy fields in the early mornings, she brought in an aura of an intellect. Under her guidance the villagers lived as one unit in harmony despite their cultural diversity. Her charm was magical. The villagers had immense respect for her and sought her blessings before the commencement of any critical tasks.

Rajammal grew up in the small village, it was her world. Her grandsons were working in a distant town, she refused to move with them, she made the village her home, the villagers her relations. She enjoyed living in the serenity of the village. The houses were small, the lanes were narrow but their hearts were big. In those quiet lanes there was chirping happiness all round the year. There wasn’t a better sight to behold than the rays of the golden sun evading through the fields and reflecting off the river in the early hours of the day.

One fine morning, the village woke up to the news of a theft. The people were crestfallen and the children were sullen at the lack of buzzing activity and cheerfulness amongst the elders. Rajammal infused faith and courage to move on. Few weeks later, their temple was stolen of 20 sovereigns of jewellery and the pundit was beaten up. The Entire village fell in a state of shock. The villagers considered this is bad omen and the old lady’s advice was sought. They decided to lodge a complaint in the police station and awaited the news of nabbing the criminals. Days passed by, the village sprung back to normalcy but the thieves weren’t caught.

The thieves continued their mayhem. There was another theft in the neighboring village and the thieves were getting notorious. Rajammal called for a discussion and devised a plan to nab the thieves. The village was gearing up for their annual festival. With all the arrangements being made for the festivities they announced the Shrine would be adorned with new jewels and special invocation would be done to wade off the evil spirits in the village. This news spread wide and far.

The festival pulled in people from neighboring villages. On the night before the festival day, the idol was adorned with the jewels and was taken around the village to be witnessed by the public. They expected the thieves to return and many villagers patrolled the temple to safeguard the jewels.

Rajammal ordered the men to return home and leave the temple unguarded. Some villagers were anxious, but they humbly obeyed her orders. The pundit who came to offer early morning prayers found the lock broken and raised an alarm. When the villagers gathered to barge into the temple, they found the thieves trapped in a pit at the entrance to the temple. Rajammal with the help of few villagers had dug pits around the temple compound to trap the thieves when they attempted to strike. She had dug pits, laid netted traps and camouflaged the pits with dried leaves. The thieves, who came to rob, fell into these pits and the netted traps pull them down, tightening the noose.

The villagers turned the thieves to the village panchayat. Thousands thronged the banyan tree to witness a deserving punishment being handed out to them before the onset of the festivities. The villagers celebrated and rejoiced their annual festival with jubilance. This incident augmented their respect for their wise old lady.

Next day when the children gathered around the banyan tree, Rajammal had a story to narrate that evening.

[This story was presented at Toastmasters club as a Folk tale classified under the Story Telling manual]

Monday, July 5, 2010

Divine Mail

She was stretching her hands to let go off the weariness struggling to open her eyes as the rays of the morning sun struck through the holes of her cemented window. In the distance, against the glowing amber Sun, her mom was harvesting paddy acutely bent over the fields, her father was ploughing the fields guiding the ox. “Tung..Ting..Tung”, the noise of the vessels brought her attention to her elder sister perched over the stove intensely cooking their meal. She knew it was about few months away by when she would assist her sister in cooking.

Drowned in her thoughts, she got ready to leave for school. She neatly plaited her hair tying the loose ends with bright red ribbon, sheepishly pinning up the torn end of her uniform, excited to attend school. She left home on bare feet with a bag hanging down her shoulder; waving bye to her parents to walk to her school about 3 kms from her home.

Rekha was studying in class five, next year she would be promoted to the higher secondary class, but her village did not accommodate a Higher Secondary school. She would have to travel 20 odd kms through narrow trenches navigating two canals to pursue her dream of studying further. Her dad would never let her go thus far for Education. She enjoyed studying and wanted to become a doctor who could protect their village from deadly diseases.

On her way back from school, she saw a post box. An idea hit upon her. She ran back home, flung her bag aside, picked her pencil to write, “Dear God! I want to become a doctor and help the poor. Give me a big school in my village”. She was very happy and content when she went to sleep that night. She was staring at the glittering stars as she fell asleep, assured her wish would be granted by the god.
Next morning, she rose early, gleefully ran to school. On her way she posted this letter to God. She turned around to head to school with a broad smile.

Months flew by, nothing happened. Rekha was writing her final exams. She went and asked her teacher if her school would turn big. Her teacher felt sorry for this little girl but couldn’t help her. With every passing day her fear grew. One night as the family sat for dinner, Rekha asked her parents, “Can I go to the big school?” Father said, “No, it is very far off dear” Her mother understood her daughter’s heart but only could take her into her lap.

One fine morning Rekha was busy playing with her mates under the tree. She saw her sister running towards her waving a letter calling out for her. Rekha jumped up to snatch the letter. It was the announcement of her results. She stood first in class. Rekha was disappointed; she was awaiting for the news from God.

The new academic year began, she was asked to assist her sister. In her spare time, she read stories; she constructed models of hospitals from clay mud. One day when Rekha was reading her favorite story, there was a buzz in the village. Outsiders from the city had come to village enquiring for Rekha. When she was summoned, she hid behind her mother. The well bred gentleman asked her if she wanted to be a doctor. She was very shy but did not fail to nod her head.

The two men were from an NGO. They worked tirelessly in the cities to bring education to the masses. They have a vision of educated India, an India whose villages are self sustained. They showed Rekha the post card she had written to God. They promised to build a big school for Rekha in her village by co-coordinating with the Government; meanwhile they were ready to sponsor Rekha’s Education in the city.

Rekha was overwhelmed, she was going to school. Her God responded. Her parents were apprehensive to send their daughter. After the volunteers at the NGO counseled her parents, Rekha was allowed to study. It was new beginning.

Rekha was leaving her village to study; the whole village had come to send her off. The children and her play mates were amused. The government had passed an order to build a higher secondary school for the village. As Rekha was getting ready to board the bus, a little present was handed over to her by the village Post master with the words –“All the best” inscribed. He was the god who weaved in the magic for Rekha. He whispered into her ears- “Honest desires from your heart never go unanswered my little lady”.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why we behave the way we do ?

What drives human behavior? Our belief system. Why do some people engage in philanthropic activities while others indulge in theft? The underlying beliefs that govern their actions are different. Our beliefs are not rooted just to the age old cultural systems prevalent in the society; it is nurtured by our parents, schooling, friends, community and the myriad of experiences that life offers.

Our actions inadvertently reinforce our beliefs. We derive our attitudes from beliefs that are rules governing our lives. All is well when our actions unify with our beliefs, but such is not life. The discords in our lives occur when our behavior conflict with our beliefs, resulting in elevated state of tension such as guilt, anger or frustration.

For instance, someone who believes eating chocolate truffle pastries add calories will try to avoid buying pastries. The belief can get strengthened over time through personal experiences of having put on weight after eating pastries or having observed friends who eat pastries put on weight. Either way the belief is getting stronger, hence this person is sure to avoid pastries even if offered at parties, but she was coaxed into having a pastry at her friend’s party. Now there is a conflict in her behavior. How is she going to feel? Maybe guilty. Her mind is not going to rest the night. This is the most trivial of examples to elucidate the frictions we experience in our daily lives.

How do you think we reduce this state of dissatisfaction? We can either change our behavior, belief or can add reasoning to our behavior. Is it easy to avoid pastries? Or is it easy to change our belief to,’ little bit of pastry eating wouldn’t add calories’? ;) Most often the easiest is to supplement reasoning – I read an article that says eating fried items adds more calorie than pastry. Who are we fooling around here?

In case of Smokers, our social belief system emphasis, “Smoking is injurious to health”. In spite of this widespread belief we have many smokers in the society. The behavior is so hard to alter that we tend to reason our actions. I don’t have to give you sample of those reasoning’s, do I? We have all heard enough of it right! ;)
In certain other situations, we go to the extent of altering our attitudes. Yes, it is easier to alter our beliefs rather than our behavior. As teen-agers we would have been encouraged to form attitudes that late night partying is not appropriate, but with time we change our attitude and stay out all night :)

Our beliefs and attitudes are evolving constantly. Negative connotations aren’t inevitable. People who are frustrated with the conflicts in their actions and beliefs can get into depression. In trying to reduce this conflict some may stray into illegitimate, antisocial and unethical paths. We are negotiating conflicts endlessly; the more aware we are in this mind game, the more adaptable we become as humans in the society.

As promised in this post I have tried to explain the theory behind attitude formation and human behavior. This theory is referred as ‘Cognitive Dissonance ‘in social psychology.


Happy conflict resolving!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Does belonging to the 21st century make me any different from my mom and grand mom? The new age society has altered our way of living but can there be any variance in our biological wiring? We are women, we still tick the way we are meant to! Do we?

What has modernization over the ages done?

Increase in divorce rates, trending live-in relationships, and diminishing moral values.

Express ourselves (Self identity), experience independence and the ability to pursue our passion.

Are we the fulcrum to the functional Indian families? Is that the reason why, when we shift our focus on self, the families suffer? Our roles are augmenting, with freedom comes greater responsibility. Financial independence has given us the impetus to aspire and choose; the power to steer our lives. We have been deluged in celebrating independence that we have demented our essentiality.

Our right to choose has lifted imposed limitations, shattered social stigmas and broken confined rules attached to womanhood. The power to choose is a double edged sword, incautious exercising leaves indelible scars. The transitional women of the ester years were meticulous in handling the swords. They let empowerment enhance their character, opted with acumen and struck a balance. I know of women who had successful careers, denied promotions and basked in the glory of upbringing their children. They give in but didn’t give up. They limited their choices to widen the harmony of their family.

Have we lost the art of holding together? In the hurry to race, we have adapted to easier means to sustain our living, but can relationships also be made disposable? The supremacy of independence has got to our head chasing tolerance out of our character. We are undermining our etched roles of being the fulcrum deliberating it as confinement. Shedding the load of the fulcrum and embracing individuality would usher in singularity. The beauty of independence should be revered in companionship.

We need to take pride in our existence and purpose. I don’t believe in reservations for women, we don’t require special considerations; we are making progress. We can’t equal men, but we can compete. Nature has given us unique identities; it is time to revel in that fact. We may never be able to amass the physical strength of a man and so will a man never be able to express his concern, and care. This is the equation of the nature. Men have complimented women through the years. Our transformation wouldn’t have been possible if not for the Men who accommodate us.

Time can alter our attitude but I am no way different from my mom and grand mom. I am woman. I tick the way I am meant to be. I cannot but lift a falling child. Woman of today have to become aware of their inherent nature and not get carried away by empty façade of modernity.


“No, I don’t want to do it”


Conjuring an explanation for not wanting to indulge in an act that both of them knew wasn’t their best decision was being rhetorical.

“Does it need a reason?”

“Why suddenly?”

“It is not sudden!! “

“I know it’s not sudden, what is the chain of thoughts that led you to this”


What is the chain of thoughts? - was reverberating in her mind. She knew it, but couldn’t blurt it out.

She returned home, her mind still clogged with the chain of thoughts reeling back and forth in no particular sequence. Several times, she had attempted to reveal her thoughts. She was still unsure, if she succeeded in her attempts. In her empty room, the clock ticking, with her eyes shut, time froze.

Vinay and Diksha were good friends. Vinay, the street smart back bencher; Diksha belonged to the same league, being part of the notorious gang in class. Their eyes never met, they didn’t exchange trivial smiles, and they were friends. It wasn’t one of those friendships that were blossoming into love. There was no love-hate equation. She acknowledged, admired and appreciated certain traits in him and didn’t look beyond to explore. Vinay didn’t show any palpable interests in her, and it was least of her concern.

Phone beeped. Time leapt to the future.

They were huddled together, talking through the night as one friend after another dozed off to sleep. His hands around her, drowned in rational conversations to soft whispers, the warmth was hard not to oblige. In those moments, she sensed a fondness; she has never known him to flaunt. Was it or, was it not?

A moment she is able to cherish even as it unwinds.

It was beyond the years of peek-a-boo. They didn’t need a cupid. There was surge of emotion, a new expression of their fondness. In faith of their bonding, they satiated in each other’s wordless articulation of adulation. Diksha couldn’t comprehend the expeditious promulgation. She liked him, she enjoyed his presence around, and she didn’t want to reason further. She reciprocated; denying love from people you equally like is exigent.

It did raise a plethora of questions, faith shunned them away. Moments of extreme reasoning sent her frenzy; to be in a relation, the bonding should never be reasoned. In absence of words that lace the trust, crazy thoughts were hard to circumvent.

The chain of thoughts - Yes! I like him. I like being around him. I like his arms around me. I like his banters. I like him. I like being loved by him. Then, what’s wrong in accepting his love? His wordless connote of affection delineates love and its articulation.

Diksha forced her eyes open. She still held her faith in their bonding, despising her crazy thoughts. Vinay articulated the way he best believed in, it was for her to make a choice.

She always knew what she wanted. Now, she knew what she didn’t want.

Expecting to be loved in a manner that appeases you is being demanding! Conveying the expressions of love that exacerbates you is exercising your rights!!

Even love can’t be accepted in all forms.

Friday, June 25, 2010

kaleidoscopic 35 Mins

When I am not armed with my book, it’s hard not to notice the plethora of activities that takes place in the local trains. It can keep you entertained, enthralled and engrossed. I always take the ladies compartment unless I am running to catch the last compartment before it departs [Yes!! I run]. The probability of landing next to someone who is gossiping about their in-laws is always high, though I prefer to sit next to non-talkative women; this is just not possible ;) Of course they entertain you with all the affairs of their house hold; it gets to its peak when the other woman starts giving her expert advice. Phew! I don’t understand with so much of knowledge sharing [KT] that happens among women they still aren’t able to get over the woes of a married life.

The women in their mid 30’s and 40’s have been commuting by train for over decades and have their own trusted group of friends hopping on and off the stations. I wonder if we in the 20s can ever make such friendships – Train pals. I find most of them plugged to their IPods/Mobiles if they aren’t accompanied by the known. Are we the gadget spoilt brats of today? Well I don’t prefer to carry an IPod, otherwise how do you think I can hear all gossips ;) Honestly, with the background noise, it’s hard to enjoy your music yet find it easy to indulge in a book!! 20’s in groups are more entertaining because one gets to hear about boys ;) Now the story shifts to all love stories :) you can also find these odd singles constantly hooked onto their phones, wonder how they get signal when I don’t! Then you can find gals like me busy observing others or lost in their own. I am sure now you REALLY know how observant I am of my surroundings!

If all these aren’t just enough to keep you occupied, there are the vendors. I was indeed quite amused initially to find people sell all kinds of stuff at a very very reasonable price wondering if I am still within the limits of Chennai Metropolitan! My favorites are the vegetable and fruit vendors; where in the city do you get vegetables for 5 bucks and fresh [if you are alert]? Fruits for half the price to the ones I get close to home. Not to forget the joy in haggling, nah I isn’t good, still it’s fun. Evenings when you are just so hungry, you have vendors selling junk food, [read chips and its variants, pop corn etc], haven’t tried them though. The pick of edibles is the Hot, Hot [claimed to be] samosas! The aroma that it brings in is really hard to deny; despite the fact that your rational head says they aren’t hygienic. They taste just ok. You can easily munch your journey away!

Train commutation makes life simple, sans the traffic jams and road signals. It is definitely an aura packed with various genres of life. One gets interrupted mid way through a book reading more often than not by people asking for alms. It can be annoying at times, but it leaves me wondering all the time on the quality of life we are all bestowed up on. There are reasonable number of blind men and women who ask for alms as they croon, some even carry a microphone; the others prefer to sell books, cell phone covers and house hold utilities. What are even more quizzical are the tiny tots who perform different kinds of antics to earn a rupee or two. One gets to see all forms of poverty, disability and impoverishment here. Now that I feel is really a sad karmic connection, for who would want to be a witness to the sufferings of the ill-fated, everyday as you start to work.

The train system by itself is very good. It serves the purpose. You have train plying every fifth or tenth minute that talks for the frequency and schedule. Unless there is any mishap, you are always on time. Advantage women again, with ladies compartments and in the direction I commute, I get to be seated about 96% of the time. Now doesn’t that mean comfort? One thing that definitely needs some attention is the cleanliness factor, wish the stations and tracks could be kept clean [not maintained clean]; I just wish!

If you haven’t yet traveled in our local trains, I recommend you do to get a feel of a life whose existence you aren’t aware of. I have commuted by train only twice before I started commuting to work. It’s worth the experience if you are a keen observer who likes to wander around and be on your own. I am sure going to miss these journeys, but have taken a secret [?] resolution to hop on and off, when I want to be camouflaged in thoughts.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mind notes

The incidents in my life are teaching me a lesson to ‘follow my heart’.

I am being presented with many lucrative opportunities that I have no propensity for, but they are what any normal person would aspire for, in our social setup. I never was and am a person who would carry out tasks just because they are acceptable by standard norms.

I do believe in engaging in deeds that brings in self satisfaction, yet these lessons are unveiling a novel rendition. As these incidents unfold, my astute consciousness, comprehends beyond my limited self. I discern that I have always struck a balance between what I needed and what was acknowledged by the people around.

Every happening in my life is stringed by choices that are irresistible to decline, yet I am learning to do so without self-guilt. I should accept it is quite hard on one self to say no to things that you know your next door neighbor is chasing relentlessly. It isn’t worth to accept car if you know you aren’t going to use it, even if the car is the BMW. Our mental make up is to take things that are deemed good/valued by standards of living and not by our own.Taking the first step towards a less travelled path is demanding, but if that’s what you yearn for, face it, the society will make it a norm on your success. The moments of decision making can be stressful, but remember the lesson is important. It is natural to go with the crowd; luckily my friends and family back me up constantly, which makes resisting easier.

Once you gain clarity on what you want, resolving this friction should get evident. I know not what life holds, I know the joy of learning.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Idiosyncrasy of life

It was a quiet evening; Sham was all by himself in his suave apartment in deep thoughts, when the phone rang. It took a minute to get a hold of him, as he maneuvered across to the phone. He was in silence as he heard the shuddering voice on the other side. He walked back and slouched down on the beige leather sofa in his living room. He made a few hasty calls before he walked in to take a shower. He was plunged in thoughts as the cab driver drove me through the familiar streets of the city he had made his home. Today, he had to leave immediately to his country, to keep a promise he had made 2 years back.

As the cab approached the drive way, he was quite content, having arranged his travel to India in a short notice. The travel was in the cards and he had been making arrangements to get his vacation sanctioned, but this call was too sudden and he couldn’t bother about the nitty-gritty of work. This is an emergency; he had to take the next flight out to make his life meaningful.

On board, the instructions of the flight attendants echoed in the background, his focus was on only one person. As the flight took off, soaring high, making its altitude, his thoughts spun backwards into a distant past. He was young and a careless teenager who went to college for a past time. It is in those hours of travel to his college in the trains, he saw Nisha. He was perched precariously onto the train, swaying in the wind, when she glanced at him. The glances turned to glares that made way to a typical friendship on the trains.

The dark clouds that he was staring into, being a part of the blue sky, took him to another time, the monsoons in Kerala. Heavy rains were lashing out in the state; they were caught in the gusty weather by the shore. They ran to the shelters nearby, stood in silence, letting the breeze sway in their ears. In those silent moments, their expressive eyes revealed love, stealing their hearts, with the trickling rain drops being the testimony.

“Seat belts on” He looked at his wrist watch another 15 minutes to land. Engulfed in the pleasant thoughts, he knew he had a task ahead, his future was at stake. He was pondering hard, in another few hours, he would be meeting Nisha’s dad, and her wedding was fixed with another groom and is scheduled to happen in 2 days. What would he tell her dad that would change his mind? How can he convince him to let them marry? He had to get his approval, there was no time. Nisha was in shatters and she needed him now, more than ever. As his thoughts were spiraling into a web of intricate knots, there was sudden loud noise, the aircraft spun out of the run way. In a split second, his thoughts evaporated in a gulf of thick fumes, before he could comprehend the situation, plane hit a blockade and tore to pieces.

Nisha was awaiting sham’s arrival to start a new life.

[Dedicated to the people on board, the fateful Mangalore bound flight. Each soul has a story to say. Love and Light. ]

Monday, May 24, 2010

Second, and counting ...

I can’t believe i am married for 2 years. Time flies fast, the 2nd year has been quicker than the 1st, or at least so it seems! The celebrations this year was downplayed by large due to my exams, nevertheless it was special indeed. Anniversary doesn’t tantamount to a day of celebration, but is a reminiscent of the moments through the year!

My perception of marriage has completely changed after mine, for good though ;) The beauty of a marriage completely lies with the couple. Views on marriage can’t be passed in general, all spouse jokes target the maximum density points on the bell curve, exceptions are always there, both extremes, which extreme yours lies depends on your spouse and you !

I am really glad, He is my man. I am definitely blessed! Beyond this I don’t want words to express, for those emotions are special and will be held close to me.

I am wishing us a stronger lasting bond and many more years of togetherness through the rough and smooth tides. Let’s sail them all, hand in hand.

Dated: 18th May 2010

Retired hurt; but not out

It’s that time of the year students await the most, having taken their final exams; it is time away from books, time to relax and enjoy! This year, around that time, I appeared for my exams. After 5 years it sure does feel different. I couldn’t fill my blog space, as I had to spend time studying to fill my answer sheet :)

I really can’t say what emotions this particular exam brought in, for it was really a long wait for me. I always intended to get back to academics, but for some reason, it never happened for 5 years! I am glad it finally did. In many ways, it is quite odd, first, the time it took and second the discipline I chose to study!

Exams are exams. Nothing can change them, no matter how old you get! The difference this time around was, there were million other things to bother, apart from the exam itself. Work, for instance, I decided to juggle between the two, so I didn’t take off during my exams. I went to work in the morning, and then went to take my exams. It was quite strenuous. For those who are still wondering what exam I am talking about, it is my first year of studies in psychology.

I have somehow always liked studying; it gives me a sense of fulfillment. This was no exception; the subject is interesting, though when you study from an exam point of view, you hardly do any justice.

It was a mixed bag of emotions! On one hand, it sure did feel good, on another, it sent my thoughts pondering over our educational system. The exam definitely didn’t test the proficiency on the subject. It was the same old methodology of answering descriptive questions which gives the room for people to write what they please. Why can’t we have direct, objective questions that would need people to be specific with their answers? I know, many who are reading this might think, that would be the final nail in the coffin for the student community. But, isn’t the whole point of studying losing its purpose in this system? Since this is a distance education curriculum, I also feel, there could have been periodic assessment in the way of case studies, reports and research studies. Why aren’t we (The Educational Sector) in India using the Internet as a potential tool in imparting various courses and using the same to be connected? Nevertheless, I know none of these changes are to come anywhere in the near future.

Besides these down sides, I still am glad I took the step ahead, for it was these same down sides that kept me away from the system for so long! I had to make a choice, couldn’t hang around. It is better you make the most of what is available, learning doesn’t end with taking up exams, it goes beyond. The system can only accredit your knowledge in particular discipline, it can never measure it holistically. I needed the accreditation, and my learning would continue; it has just begun. I really want to be part of another educational system and see if it makes a difference. I really do! Wish I don’t have to wait another 5 years. LOL !! I wouldn’t, I am making it happen soon! Till then, I wish to assist a clinical/counseling psychologist in their practice, anybody who can help, please do let me know. You can also reach out to me, if you may need any assistance in dealing with your mind :)

P.S: I still code for a living ;)

[As a side note, for my own recording, I would like to pen down, that there are lot of subtle interesting things happening in my life, from the time I decided to heal and open up]

Friday, May 7, 2010

Know your body

We have all been taught about the different parts and functional systems of our body. We may not recall their functionality in entirety but would definitely be able to relate that the intestine is a part of the digestive system, the kidneys as a part of the excretory system, the lungs as a part of the respiratory system and so on. Is that all to our body? I believed so, till a few years back.

If I make a statement, “you have more than one body”, would you doubt my sanity? Of course, we all have only one physical body, one physical self that we can see and sense, does that limit us to believe we are encompassed of only biological parts that we studied way back in school?

We are a system of energy, implying that there is more to our existence beyond our physical body. Getting to the other aspects of our self, the science of yoga, delves the concept of tri-shashira, meaning three bodies, one of which is our physical body with mass. Sukshma shariram, the subtle body, it is believed to house the individual mind. The last is the karana shariram, the causal body that veils the soul. I found it marveling to discover the possibility of a vital force within, and the fact that I existed without realizing my own true self was quite stupendous. Many literatures, also refer to seven types of subtle bodies, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric template, celestial and causal body. I kind of see them as more specific layers of the three broader classification of the body.

Chakras are the energy centers or vortexes which permeate energies from physical points to the subtle bodies. There are seven major chakras in our subtle body, starting from the base of spine, the root chakra, navel chakra, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and the crown chakra. The energies flowing through each of the chakras correspond to the well being of the respective regions to which they are positioned.

The energy (vital force or prana) flows through our gross body, through Nadis, astral tubes , 3 main nadis are ida, pingla and sushmana nadi. There are more than 72000 nadis that run through our body. Pranayama, the breathing techniques help cleanse the nadis.

The three bodies are encased in five sheaths. The five koshas/sheaths are Annamaya Kosha(Food), Pranamaya Kosha(Energy), Manomaya Kosha(Emotional), Vijnyanamaya(Intellect) and Anandamaya(Bliss) kosha. The pranic or energy sheath encompasses the chakras and the nadis.

Doesn’t that seem more complex than the nervous system? A Vital living force that flows intricately, connecting our physical self, with the subtle and the higher self’s, is truly a potential force within. Kundalini is the coiled dormant potential that lies at the base of the spine, the root chakra. The Awakening of this potential is the awakening of the consciousness/awareness to connect with the cosmic consciousness.

The benefits of the each of these energy systems are tremendous. Holistically, tapping/channeling this energy is to elevate our inner consciousness. Cleansing the energy flow paths, leads to enhanced utilization integrating the body and mind. The balance needed to maintain physical well being, to attain a clear mind and to unify with The One. The potential is within us, dormant!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Lost city of Dwaraka – Era of Mahabharata

Is Mahabharata an epic or history? The way modern day Television serials have portrayed the events of Mahabharata, has made us all believe such fancy wars could have never been fought by mankind. One image that conjures to my mind when I recollect watching the serial beside my grand mom is the arrows flying in the blue sky against the backdrop of the clouds, traveling unimaginable distances. Definitely one from the fairy tales! Hold on, Could it be possible that the Sanskrit scriptures have described all the instruments and weapons used with such intricate details that the man kind of today hasn’t seen? If an AK-47 was mentioned, the director of the serial would have definitely made sure it is presented well, but what if the scriptures describe flying machines beyond our current day perception?

The Kurukshetra war was fought for only 18 days but the loss was of about 3 million people and the war narrative goes to more than quarter of the book. Isn’t it weird? Does an 18 day war need so much of literary work? Why does a piece of fiction need such intricate details and recording of events? Emotions ran high in this war, as it was the war among the siblings; we have all been engrossed in the emotional aspect of the war for ages that we have failed to give importance to the technical/scientific aspects. Going beyond the television serials, we really need to get to the actual literature, may be then our perceptions would change.

A part of the verse that describes the Kurukshetra war in the Sanskrit scriptures of Mahabharata:

"Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful vimana (fast aircraft) hurled a single projectile (rocket) charged with the power of the Universe (nuclear device). An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with all its splendor.

It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause,and the birds turned white.

After a few hours all foodstuffs were infected, to escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment."

- Mahabharata

An 18 day war leading to such large scale destruction could have only been a war that had used nuclear powers or the likes.Lord Krishna had to show the righteous path during this battle. If Mahabharata is history then Lord Krishna should have taken birth in our land! Isn’t it?

Dwaraka is a city and a municipality located in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat state in modern India. It was the dwelling place of Lord Krishna. Today’s remains of the city do not match up to the descriptions of the city in our ancient scriptures as the thriving and the most well planned golden city. The city is said to have had 700,000 palaces made of gold, silver and other precious stones. To our human mind it just seems implausible for such a thriving city to disappear. Well then you will have to remember the time lines which we are talking of, around 3100 B.C.

It is believed that the city disappeared after the death of Lord Krishna, and the recent archaeologically findings of Dr. S.R.Rao substantiate it. It is believed that due to damage and destruction by the sea, Dwaraka has submerged six times and modern day Dwarka is the seventh city to be built. Many structures found under the sea bed in the recent excavations off the coast of modern day Dwaraka shows findings similar to the descriptions of the city mentioned in ancient scriptures, further excavations from beneath the earth show ruins of a well planned city. Watch this video of the excavations of the lost city of Dwaraka.

Isn’t there a history in these findings? Well, what is known to mankind is little, the unknown is limitless. We are all bound by the limitations of our sensory and cognitive perceptions!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I, Me, Myself

Here I am gonna try and bring out a perception that I initially was skeptical about. Several times in our life’s, we would have heard philosophies such as, “Look within”, “It is all in the mind”, “It is the way you perceive others”, “Let go”,” See good, feel good, good will happen to you”, but have we understood the depth of these phrases? Have we put them to constant practice to reap benefits?

Well, it is easier said than done! Is it? Let us first try to understand the essence and digest the meaning for our own minds to accept and believe. ‘Doing’ relatively will become easier.

Raj and Nita were man and wife. Nita always felt her husband had no time for her. Every evening she would pick up a quarrel with her husband on all the mundane domestic needs, not that she rejoiced fighting with her husband, but this helped her get His attention. This became a way of living, creating lot of differences in their lives. Raj could not make her understand, what she meant to him, he would be drawn into the quarrel as well. Nita felt rejected.

Now, here if you see the origin of the problem, Nita felt her husband had no time. It was her perception and she felt rejected. Her feeling of rejection manifested into quarrels, one leading to another, making them feel incompatible.

What did Nita want? Can we say, she wanted to be happy and peaceful? Nita let herself feel low and down by feeling rejected. If, Nita felt good about herself, the feeling of rejection would not have come, rather her husband not spending time with her led her to feel she was not important.

Nita has to look within, and see how she feels, when her husband does not spend time. Does she feel rejected? If so, then she needs to believe herself, why should she undervalue herself, why should she feel down? Is she not important to herself? Does she not feel good about herself? The minute she begins to feel wanted by her own self, she will feel the difference. Yes, by healing yourself, you heal your world.

Any such discomfort in your mind needs to be addressed first, and then pertaining issues will fall in place. Find the impact of the problem on you; what does it make you feel? The origin of that feeling has to be altered. More often, you have been made to believe so, you have perceived yourself so, and then when the world perceives you the same, we tend to find the problem being with the world.

The world is a reflection of our own self!

Let us go little further into Nita’s life, you may even find a pattern of that feeling, Nita might be picking up quarrels with her friends, she might even feel left out at work when decisions are taken, she might even feel her children don’t respect her and hence ordering them around. Yes, all of this is/will bring discomfort to her. Why, because she has let herself feel not important.

Healing is miraculous! Heal yourself, and you will see the universe re-arranging itself.

Extrapolating this perception to a wider scenario, People who have been rejected, who have desired for love, who haven’t been accepted by, are those who are infected by HIV virus. LOL!!!

We are all a system of energy; we are state of being, driven by our consciousness. Everything that happens starts with our consciousness. Physical ailments are caused by the imbalance of the energy system. AIDS affects are immune system, which is controlled by thymus gland, related to the Heart chakra. The seven chakras govern our energy flow. The heart chakra reflects love and compassion. AIDS can be healed by giving and receiving love. Love thy, love the world.

The self- it is vital that you feel peace with yourself, for the world to give you peace. I, me, myself is not about being trapped in the thought of ‘I’ and remain an egotist; it is about understanding that your consciousness is your key.

सो ऽहम्


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stop Buzzzzing !

Buzzzzz…. I restrained from waking up, wishing it would silent itself. It only got worse with its friends joining! I wonder if they were having a late night party near my ear lobes. Phew! Sultry, hot and this annoying noise, I couldn’t but wake up. Welcome to the summers in Chennai, power cuts are just unavoidable. I realized ever since man started using the racquet to get better of these creatures, they are more resolved and come in as an army cadre with a vicious notion to attack, annoy and agitate. Off late, there is been a population explosion in their community, I wonder what’s their strategy towards birth control, if at all they have one! It is totally different experience wading mosquitoes while watching an IPL match to waking up in the middle of the night to realize your fort of comfort has been conquered. There were scores and scores of mosquitoes attacking from all possible directions, the racquet ran out of charge killing only about 1/10 of them. So much for the inventions that man makes!

It was hard to believe that a minuscule creature can have you at your knees begging and pleading either, for the night to break into dawn or for the blessed electricity department to wad their magic wand to restore power. I am not exaggerating when I say there were thousands of them blissfully buzzing not just right at the ears, but all over the place. There was nothing much I could do, and feeling helpless can bring all your spirits down, and being helpless to a mosquitoes, do I have to get to the details?? We managed to find some coils, wishing it would serve its purpose, I am not sure if it did anything at all to those dreadful creatures, it definitely did choke us. I went into my spree of sneezing, now that’s the last thing I wanted. I heard the tick of the electronic gadgets booting, and the whip of my fan, and I heaved a huge sigh of relief! It was not about the couple of hours of sleep lost, but staying in midst of their buzzing and stings, torturous indeed when it is stuffy and hot. Only if they had learnt their music lessons well, I wouldn’t have had to go through this agony of listening to a monotonous rhythm. No matter how tiny you may be, united you beat even the most intellectual creature, that’s the lesson for the night.

I wonder what could be purpose of the existence of mosquitoes in the ecosystem. Please shed some light, I can’t think of any but to annoy mankind. If by any chance these creatures are lost in an unknown territory, I would be more than glad to guide them to their place of abode.

I better gear up and be armed for another similar night, with the summer in, power cuts are sure to get frequent. Enlighten me with any successful strategies that you may have, I need them the most! I am ready to even strike a truce with their leader. Hey! Queen of mosquito, listen to me. Let us get into an agreement of mutual existence without harming one another. Can we?

Monday, March 22, 2010

A night to remember

It is 7.10 on his watch; she hasn’t returned home, they were to travel and the train was scheduled for departure at 9.15 P.M. He was restless.

7.15, Beep..Beep! She opens her inbox to read, “W u?” She looks across at her boss, who had failed to notice her fidgeting. She was thinking of an excuse that would help her get out of the meeting and head home to pack her bags. Her boss was animated; he was aghast with the team for leaking several bugs to the production. She knew all wasn’t well, yet she had to go.

Vikas and Reema were going to meet after seven long years. Their life’s had taken different turns, since they left college. Vikas, the vibrant young lad in college, stung by the ‘study in the US of A’ bug did not sit for his placements, while Reema was placed in one of the top tier Indian IT services company much to the joy of her family and friends. They had been ‘good’ friends through college. Even the last day of college, couldn’t help them express their feelings, they bid farewell without any remorse.

Tonight – a night they longed for!

College days, the days of fun and frolic, where the only worries one had to handle were exams. Drowned in enthusiasm and camouflaged in the promises of the future, Vikas and Reema failed to see the companion in each other. Vikas went on to prepare for his zillion exams that test his proficiency of English at his home town in Bangalore. Reema was complacent, having landed with a coveted job.
Reema was soon married off to, yet another Software Engineer in Bangalore. Life portrayed a picturesque canvas for the newly married, and Reema joined in her new job after couple of months. Life wasn’t all that rosy as it seemed, it started throwing surprises for her. Reema’s husband Raj was brought up in a town down south and the sudden bloom in the IT industry took him to plush city like Bangalore. They could not complement each other; Reema wanted a man whom she could confide in. A man who could listen to her in silence, a man who could guide her through difficulties, a man who could pamper her with words and a man who could understand her inside out . Raj, on the other hand loved his wife because she is a women, a women who should take care of him and his needs without any reciprocals. Life’s every surprise and each disturbing act from her husband reminded her of Vikas. She matured into women, the girl in her faded into oblivion, she needed a man. Every day she wished, she would meet Vikas at the traffic junction like in the movies. In Reality it never happened.

Vikas, enjoyed his days in Bangalore, he was immersed into the city’s true flavor. He met many girls at the various parties he went to every night, but every morning he came back longing for Reema. He got admit to study in the US, he flew to the land of million dreams. One dream was lurking forever, to meet Reema and tell her what she meant to him.

Years went by; Vikas fell in love with Rita. The days in love were Vikas’s best moments in life. Every moment with her brought in happiness, the times spent together; the long drives across the states, the treks down the valleys, the walks along the shore- Life was bliss. Every time, she walked into his apartment there was a magic, a magic that would transform his life. They decided to wed and moved in together, hell broke loose, the magic was ethereal. Living under same roof, brought their differences to light. Life’s beauty just did not lie in sharing joy but in combating the hurdles. They faltered to shoulder the responsibilities in unison. They split.

Reema didn’t not belong anywhere; her job was no more interesting. She felt her potential was being undermined not just at work, but at her very home. She decided to reach out and socialize to soothe herself, much to the objection of her husband. She met her old friends, began her hunt for Vikas. Reema’s life was beckoning for fresh energy; she knew bearing a child was not it. She could not let herself nurture a new life in the calamity of her clouded mind. She distanced herself from her husband, Raj could not handle it when, his only avenue of pleasure was plugged. He became eccentric. Reema decided to end her marriage with Raj.
Reema went on to live alone, it brought her peace, but it could not fill the emptiness. Vikas lived through this break up without socializing, he went into the oblivion, but came out strong. He returned to India for good, with all the charm for the US dead.

Vikas, wanted to meet Reema. Being in the city they had studied, made him nostalgic. As he walked down the streets, the infamous Xerox shops, the Pani Puri stall, the coffee shop, everything brought pleasant memories. The laughter echoed through his lonely nights. The little arguments they had, the patch up there after- sweet indeed to reminiscent. He recollected the days they struggled together to get their project working, even through adversity, they held on.

He slumped into his chair, reliving the moments, every night; his laptop being is only true companion. He had received a mail from his boss seeking status on his work; she switched tabs to run through the umpteen friend’s requests on Facebook. His eyes were transfixed, he stopped scrolling, and his lip widened into a smile, the name Reema was glaring! It was a friend request from Reema.

Vikas: Hello! How have you been?
Reema: Life had interesting twists for me, I have survived them.
Vikas: Reema, you sound the same. Let us catch up over a coffee to tell our tales.
Reema: Let us get out of town!
Vikas: Well, the ocean to stand testimony to our lives?
Reema: You always knew what I needed. This weekend it is.
Vikas: Sure! I will have it arranged; I can’t wait to see you.
Reema: So am I.

8.00 P.M, Reema dashed out of the meeting faking a Headache. She rushed home, threw in few clothes, it didn’t not matter how she appeared before him.
Beep...Beep! ‘I will be there at the station in 15 mins’. Vikas looked at his watch, it was 8.45 P.M. He smiled.

9.05 P.M, He spotted Reema walking towards him. Time froze for a moment; He stood alone amongst thousands of passengers on the platform. The moment passed and time rewound to his last day at college, not his first love but His first mistake.
Reema waved at him, they hugged and jumped in to their compartments and the train took off.

They sat across each other in silence. As Vikas began to speak, she interrupted to say ‘I need you’. Vikas bent over to plant a kiss on her forehead. His hands went over her shoulders, setting her silky hair behind her ear lobe. He fondled beneath her neck, held her in his arms and responded, ‘I have been in love with you ever since’. She whispered, ‘I know’. Their eyes spoke a language of love; they kissed for a prolonged moment.


My first (deliberate) attempt to write a short story :) Looking forward to all your comments/suggestions and criticisms !!