Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stop Buzzzzing !

Buzzzzz…. I restrained from waking up, wishing it would silent itself. It only got worse with its friends joining! I wonder if they were having a late night party near my ear lobes. Phew! Sultry, hot and this annoying noise, I couldn’t but wake up. Welcome to the summers in Chennai, power cuts are just unavoidable. I realized ever since man started using the racquet to get better of these creatures, they are more resolved and come in as an army cadre with a vicious notion to attack, annoy and agitate. Off late, there is been a population explosion in their community, I wonder what’s their strategy towards birth control, if at all they have one! It is totally different experience wading mosquitoes while watching an IPL match to waking up in the middle of the night to realize your fort of comfort has been conquered. There were scores and scores of mosquitoes attacking from all possible directions, the racquet ran out of charge killing only about 1/10 of them. So much for the inventions that man makes!

It was hard to believe that a minuscule creature can have you at your knees begging and pleading either, for the night to break into dawn or for the blessed electricity department to wad their magic wand to restore power. I am not exaggerating when I say there were thousands of them blissfully buzzing not just right at the ears, but all over the place. There was nothing much I could do, and feeling helpless can bring all your spirits down, and being helpless to a mosquitoes, do I have to get to the details?? We managed to find some coils, wishing it would serve its purpose, I am not sure if it did anything at all to those dreadful creatures, it definitely did choke us. I went into my spree of sneezing, now that’s the last thing I wanted. I heard the tick of the electronic gadgets booting, and the whip of my fan, and I heaved a huge sigh of relief! It was not about the couple of hours of sleep lost, but staying in midst of their buzzing and stings, torturous indeed when it is stuffy and hot. Only if they had learnt their music lessons well, I wouldn’t have had to go through this agony of listening to a monotonous rhythm. No matter how tiny you may be, united you beat even the most intellectual creature, that’s the lesson for the night.

I wonder what could be purpose of the existence of mosquitoes in the ecosystem. Please shed some light, I can’t think of any but to annoy mankind. If by any chance these creatures are lost in an unknown territory, I would be more than glad to guide them to their place of abode.

I better gear up and be armed for another similar night, with the summer in, power cuts are sure to get frequent. Enlighten me with any successful strategies that you may have, I need them the most! I am ready to even strike a truce with their leader. Hey! Queen of mosquito, listen to me. Let us get into an agreement of mutual existence without harming one another. Can we?


NUKTAA said...

:) nice post

Hariharan Valady said...

So that was a year and half back. I was wondering that when I went to Chennai a few days, I did not face the mosquito problem. Also power situation was not that bad.
I like your compromise with the mosquito- mutual existence without harming each other.