Monday, August 30, 2010

Quaint encounter

The weather was pleasant as I drove from the basement car park. I was driving back from office. I stopped for a while on the road to adjust the straps of my footwear. As I started to get back on to the road, a guy hit me from the right. He was speeding on his bike on the road that was wet. Bang ! He swerved and fell. The mistake was on both the sides to be honest. I should have been in control to stop in spite of the low visibility due to rain. He shouldn’t have intended to cut me, could have slowed down on seeing me. Anyways I decided to wait for him to recover and signaled an apology – Mistake No 1. He asked me to come to sides, which I obliged – Mistake No 2.

“Look at what you have done”.
“Ok. Sorry” (Shouldn’t accept your mistake at all times)
“Why did you come like that?”
“You weren’t right either”
“Look at my bike”
The bike had one visible mark in the doom.
“See what has happened to my bike”
“What should I do?”
“What do you want now?”
“Give me money”
“I don’t have money”
“I will file a case against you”
“Ok. Please do”
He didn’t expect that response.
“No! I want money”
He became quite aggressive
“You are driving a car, how can you not have money?”
“Get down”
“I fell down. Did you fall? Come out.”

I wish his words were so decent, but it wasn’t. He showed no respect. Thank God he didn’t use abusive language. He was so close to the window pane. I would have given him money if only he had the right attitude. For a second, I even thought may be he is not well do and this damage would mean a lot to him, but not with his behavior. I felt if I had taken my wallet to give money he would have just grabbed it. He didn’t let me raise the window pane. He was literally harassing me, he tried to force me out of car. It was getting beyond my control. I just backed up and drove away.

He was one male chauvinist with a very low self-esteem. Sometimes it is not worth empathizing with others. Though I was in the background relating to his psychology to co-operate, it wasn’t the right moment. One positive thing to have happened is I kept my cool all through out and wasn’t provoked.

It’s sad that such incidents make you less responsible socially. The next time anything of this sort I encounter, my instant reaction would be drive. It is more important to secure myself than think of the men of such low stature.

I wish and pray he heals mentally and physically from the effects of this incident.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Stepping into the sixth..

I didn't want to look back and say, "I have completed 5 years of my career in the IT industry" rather i am looking ahead, today i begin another year :-) It is a new beginning, a new phase in my career. I channeled a mixed set of emotions as i walked away from my work place this evening! Only time can define that emotion !

It is hard not to be reminiscing on an anniversary. I feel so delighted for my batch mates who have successfully completed the 5 years in their First company :) In the age of Naukris and Monsters, it is feat by itself. Kudos !! On a personal front, i have seen varied work culture, contrasting people, diversified business strategies, rooted to one technology and one domain. Great exposure !!

At this moment i really want to thank my Colleagues without whom the whole journey would have taken a different route. A special mention to my Managers @ HCL Technologies, you will always be remembered :) Thank you !!

I am stepping into the sixth with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as on Day 1 !! A new place - new challenges that would redefine my experience. Wishing me an enriching journey ahead :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The fateful night - Part 2

The cop was retrieving the messages and calls registered from Riya’s mobile. The last message received was from Avinash at 12.30 saying “Good Night Honey!!” The post mortem report says she died around 12.30. Did he kill her and send the message to circumvent the investigation? The cigarette butts at the corner of his desk was disturbing, he found them near Riya’s gate. A half burnt cigarette of the same brand was found in her home. These were the only clues to the investigation. A mobile phone, cigarette butts and one half burnt.

“I thought she had slept. Didn’t imagine an untoward incident to occur uncle”.
“Calm down my son”.
“It is when she didn’t pick my call in the morning I got really anxious and that’s when you called and I hid my trepidation”.
“What do you think could have happened? Who could it be?”
“The police suspect me. They questioned me with a suspicion eye. Why would I do it uncle, why? why?”
“It is their duty to suspect”.
“Uncle, you know it’s not me”.
“Of course, I know”.
“Thanks Uncle”.
“The culprits will be punished by God; my dear daughter doesn’t deserve such a farewell”.
Clasped hands, the two men broke down seeking for divine intervention.

Avinash doesn’t smoke. Riya and Avinash were a happy couple; small tiffs but never anything out of bounds. The investigation was reaching a dead end but there was no explanation to the cigarette butts.
The police began investigating the angle of Riya’s other male friends having vested interest in her.
“Do you know Riya’s friends? How was their relation?”
“Yes. We are all good friends.”
“Anybody was interested in Riya? Did she reject any proposals?”
”One of our seniors proposed to her. She ignored him but he never troubled her”.
“Give me his details. Does he smoke?”
“I am not sure”.
“Did you go with any other friends on the night of her death?”
“No. We were alone”.
“Nobody knew where you were?”
“You told me the car broke down. Did anyone help?”
“Think my boy. It’s your Riya. Who helped you with break down?”
“The driver did it all himself.”
“The driver?”
“Yes. I told we hired a cab. And…”
“The driver was a heavy smoker.”
“Details of the cab?”
“I know the cab operator’s.”
“Come. Let us go”

Kring..Kring! Kringgg..Kringgggggg!!!
Riya came running down the stairs, hurriedly opened the door.
“Sir did not give me the full payment madam. He gave only 900. The bill is 1300”
“He paid you 1300. I counted the money as well. Check properly”.
His breath was filled with alcoholic odor.
“You come tomorrow and sort it out”.

He pushed the door open throwing her to the floor.
“I need money right now.”
“I don’t have any. Go out”

He was rummaging her house, threatening her with a knife.
She didn’t want to give money to a silly drunkard. She fought him and ran upstairs to grab her mobile from the table when he got jeopardized and stabbed her in fear.
Her phone beeped. “Good Night Honey!!”

Monday, August 16, 2010

The fateful night - Part 1

Kring..Kring! Kringgg..Kringgggggg!!!

The Door bell.

"Riya..Riya.."We are home. Open the door!!

Riya’s mom hesitantly turns the door knob and the door hinges give way. She peeps in as her husband collects the luggage from their car. They have returned from their relative’s wedding in a nearby town.

She walks in leaving the door ajar. Her home wasn’t quite the same place as she left it a day before, it was amiss. The cushions were thrown off the sofa; the magazines were fluttering as the pedestal fan swung from side to side. As her gaze shifted, she spotted a broken idol of Lord Ganesha at the corner. A flower pot was kicked centered at the stairway. The curtains had been pulled down and dragged along.

“Megha! What is gone wrong here? Where is Riya?”

Her heart starts pounding harder. Her sweaty palm fails to clasp the rails. She misses her step and stumbles. They run up the stairs to find their daughter in a pool of blood. The world swirled around them. They gasped for breath.

The mobile rings; clenched in her hands the mobile rings. They were unable to move, fixated by the sequence of events that had unfolded.

Avinash calling…

Avinash(23) was registered under the missed call list.

Her father calls Avinash.

“Uncle, Riya is doing fine here. When are you and Aunty coming back?”

“Uncle, why are you shuddering? Where are you? Is there a problem out there?”

“When did you last speak to Riya?”

“Last night uncle. She is doing fine. Don’t worry. “

“Come home.”

Avinash was worried. “Did Uncle find out we met last night at home in their absence?”

He hurriedly parked his bike and rushed in. He was terrified at the sight of cops standing guard in front of the house. The distant wails intensified his trepidation. As he approached the entrance, he felt very obnoxious; the strewn petals and foot wears made him queasy.


Avinash was taken in for questioning.

“Did you meet her yesterday?”

“Yes, we did.”

“When did you last see her and where?”

“At 11 last night. We had gone out together and I dropped her back home”

“Where did you go?”

“We went to Mahabalipuram.”

“How long have you known her?”

“We have been seeing each other for the last 2 years.”

“How was your trip yesterday?”


“Did you have any misunderstandings during the trip?”

“I wish I did. I would have stayed back with her.”

“Did you pick up a fight or an argument?”

“I told you, I wish.”

“She was last seen with you.”


“That’s all we know. You got to explain what happened when you dropped her, as you claim.”

“We spent some time talking and I started from her house around 12.”

“I heard it as 11 before.”

“We came back at 11, but we spent some time together”

“Did you see anything unusual around her house when you left? Did she come out of her home to say bye?”

“No, she stayed indoors. I shut the automatic door to lock. Nothing unusual”.

“Is there any information you want to share that you think may be vital for this investigation?”

“Not any that I summon now”

“Any incident or person that has bothered Riya in the last few days.”


“Do you guys always return home late?”

“The car broke down and hence the delay.”

“Car ! ”

“yes, we had hired a cab”

“ Did you pick up any fights on your way back home. Any accidents?”

“I would have told you if we did.”

“Ok Avinash. You can go home. We will get in touch with you if we require your help further. ”
The cop grinned and gave Avinash a pat.

Avinash had no clue on who could have possibly done such a horrendous act. Riya was a simple, humble girl, she didn’t have any foes.


He entered her house. Uncle was morbidly reading the newspaper, while aunty was resting on the dining table chin down. Her face was swollen; her eyes were read and wet. He couldn’t believe at the imagery unfolding in a once lively home. Riya would come running down cheerfully to greet him, but today he was left only with those visions.

“What happened that night?”

“When I dropped Riya at home, everything was normal.”

“Did you speak to her after you left?”

“No. She didn’t pick my call. “