Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Transcendental Three years of Oneness..!

Another year, Another anniversary..! Three years went like a breeze, a gentle breeze kissing the lovely compatibles, stirring the uneasy differences and spotting the exciting new future..

We haven't really been together through most of this year, yet it has been as special as our first day! A year we grew in strength together, complimenting our needs. I have certainly matured in this relation..To grow in a relationship is the most rewarding experience..!

There is a long way to go and am sure we will not cease to discover each other..we will bring many new experiences and traverse life with same zeal..

Each day has brought in a new lease of energy, accelerating our eagerness to an unexplored future that lies ahead...A journey that would enrich our lives..! Wishing us abundant peace & strength as we cruise through :)

Dated: 18th May 2011