Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Power of the Human Mind

Whenever i sit to discuss/explain the Human Mind, the first question i ask of people is:

Where is the Human Mind?

Some associate it with the brain while few others with the heart. The smarter few say, "Not Sure!"

The brain and the heart are physical entities. As i explore more on this topic, i am made to believe that Science & Spirituality are one and the same. They are 2 means to one destination.


I am saying it here cause some of what i am writing may not/cannot be explained by Science but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Read my post on Does Science define Reality?

Ok, now to the mind. Mind is a ethereal entity!! To explain it in computer terminology, Brain is the hardware while the Mind is the software. Our Mind processes zillion information and stores them.

The mind is divided into the Conscious Mind(CM) and Subconscious Mind(SM). The CM takes care of our voluntary actions. It gathers data from the external world and interprets it using the SM. CM on its own can't take any decisions.

Let's say we are just born and our Minds are empty - clean sheet of paper. How does our mind work? A good insight into how our Minds work can help you solve many life problems. *Promise*

As a baby, we take in inputs from several factors predominantly, Society, Education, Environment and Religion. The CM checks for a file in SM for a specific experience ( say eating chocolates), doesn't exist in the beginning. It stores a new file named chocolates as positive experience. Now, second time when someone offers chocolates, the CM checks SM - positive experience. Ok, accept chocolates.

So all our experiences are stored in SM as positive or negative experience. CM acts accordingly to previous experience alone.

What is positive and what is negative? This is decided by socio-economic conditioning among others. In other words, our Belief System. If our family teaches us Lying is a sin, our belief system instructs lying is a sin, so we won't lie.

This is a straightforward explanation to How our Mind works. You can apply it to any given situation and see that, it indeed works that way.

What happens over time is too many files with complex parameters feature in, confusing our own self ;-) On a same subject, one experience would be positive, another negative - then what would our mind do?

It is important to understand, most of what we do is unconsciously driven or precisely Subconsciously driven. Unless and until, we become aware of our subconscious self, reasoning out many of our actions will only be futile. Meditation and Yoga is one powerful tool to gain control of your subconscious mind. These are reasons why i say Science & Spirituality are twin-sisters. Just the mere understanding that our actions are driven by our Subconscious Mind would bring in a lot of awareness which becomes the key to healing our soul.

Would you like more on this subject?


Kavi said...

Loved the post Divya! :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

very nice post Divya. the way the subconscious works is intriguing & the thought of the soul healing is endearing
yes you must write more on this subject :)

Akshay Kumar G said...

Very interesting. :)Would love to read more about this.

Divya said...

@ Kavi - Thank you :)
@ Sujatha - :) Intriguing indeed, will come up with more posts.
@ Akshay - Sure, more on its way :)

Bhagyashree said...

Testing 1..2..3

Bhagyashree said...

Yeah did it :)
THis topic intrigues me a lot.
U know like some ppl just on the basis of their mindpower are able to do so much.

Divya said...

Finally Bhagyashree you can now comment on my posts! I am glad :) Yes, the power of the mind is incredible, you can indeed direct your life, only that it needs a lot of discipline!

Ankit Sharma said...

a nice blog..nice writing and somehow i feel this is vast topic to explore..i've written many times on this...try reading ""

keep up the good writing!

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Oh I love the post.. Very well written. Write more and am sure to visit for that.

Divya said...

@Ankit Nice meeting you here! Yes, it is indeed a vast topic and cannot be perceived the same way by everyone. I shall drop by your blog to read your views.

@Ashwini Sure. I have already posted another in continuation to this. Thank you :)

indu chhibber said...

Divya i shall solve this riddle for u--"What is matter?Never mind;What is mind?No matter"
Do u like it ?

Anonymous said...

hi divya, @What is positive and what is negative?
i think each man has a basic internal urge for positive and negative things, say a child cries right from birth when needs are not met, socioeconomic conditions come into play when by their repetition, our internal instict fades away or depressed. like in mahabharat, karan otherwise brave lost his battle just because of repeated abuse by his sarathi.
@Meditation and Yoga is one powerful tool to gain control of your subconscious mind.
well,conscious mind needs more control than subconscious. what do you say?

Divya said...

@ Indu - you are talking about mind over matter ;-)

@ Seeker - Like i said, positive & negative depends on our belief system and belief system constantly evolves.

We basically need control over our mind. It is important for us to understand our subconscious instigation. The process is definitely conscious but the control is over subconscious. It means consciously asking questions so your subconscious answers. It is an overlapping activity :)

Anonymous said...

well, its one way of looking at the subject. thanks for answer.

satish said...

Very Informative post. Hope you will explore this topic further|:)

Nitin Jain said...

Nice post...not sure though if we are born with a clean slate. 9 months inside the womb definitely plays a significant role in development of mind, perhaps encoding of the subconscious mind happens during that time. But yes, power of human mind is insanely immense...however how much of it can be tapped will remain an intriguing question for few more decades if we manage to survive.

Nitin Jain said...
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Divya said...

@ Satish Thanks:) Yes, am writing more on this.

@ Nitin Yes, the period inside the womb also plays a significant role. (I have seen some interesting case during Hypnotherapy!). Harnessing its full potential is a something beyond our grasp for now. Thanks for visiting here.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of questions in my mind , but I dont wish to be told answers for them. So will open up as I explore. I agree with your point on science and spirtuality are two means to same point.
Here's a short story I came up with on similar theme

WIshNu said...

Thanks Divya for sharing this. Felt like was sitting in Asha's L1 again. Nice narration.

Relish the journey,

Vicky Dada (Vikas) said...

According to the model proposed by Freud (the iceberg analogy), the subconscious is only a thin layer below the surface. Most of the mind and its manifestative power lies in the unconscious mind. Is your model different from Freud's?

Divya said...

Vikas - Yes this model is slightly different from Freud's. Freud use Conscious, PreConscious and Unconscious while this model differentiates only between the Conscious and Subconscious. Subconscious here is more like Freud's Unconscious. Different terminologies used.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Post Divya. You have brought out the arguments on the topic very well. Societal tuning, the belief system and the behaviour. Nice to see them all connected in a train of thought. Nicely written :)