Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lovely vacation at Marari resorts

We had been to this place called Marari Beach Resort for our first wedding anniversary, it was such a wonderful stay. The resort is located at Mararikulam village, around 80 km from Cochin Airport. What's so special about the resort ? I knew we didnt have much to see around the place and it was entirely gonna be in the resort and yet decided to go there..and they didnt disappoint us at all.

It was a 2 days stay, the resort was different in its policies, one of those that promote eco-tourism but in different package. one of their key values says "Benefitting the local community" and they do.They have their own bio-gas plant, do vermi composition to generate fertilisers, very much self -reliant..i should say. They have a butterfly garden, i found this a bit unique.. learnt a bit about butterflies ;-) they boast of about 95 different varities through the seasons.. i learnt that butterflies does not necessarily look for plants with nectar, breaking the myth.They have their own organic farm.very impressive.

you must be wondering what did this couple do on a holiday visiting organic farms and bio-gas plants ..Ha Ha..for those who know us, that shouldn't be of a surprise ! Their accomadations are brilliant and i am saving their best for the last .. they have rooms that offer private pools and we availed one of those.. It was a great experience to have your own pool ;-)

Their in-house ayurvedic doctor was so amicable, he educated us on Ayurveda and its essentials.. I have shown keen interest in ayurveda off late and more so after my wedding , after all , the heath of the family is in the womens hand..;-) So, i enjoyed that very much too..

The beach is accessible from the resort and is being well-maintained by the resort.. i found clean white sand for the first time ever in India, probably the second after Goa.. Litter free ..phew..i was delighted.. calm and peaceful..lovely indeed..

We even went cycling around the village, kerala villages are different and potrays a richer picture of Indian villages...brings in a sense of contentment..

Finally , the staff on the resort were exemplary..!! I dont wanna say any further.. If CGH's Management is advocating living in harmony with nature...then what better way to do that , with their friendly staff..

After any vacation, my mind would say "No more vactions for the next couple of months", but this time around, i was already planning for the next :-) Kerals is always special and will keep coming back...Marari or any of CGH's property would be the right choice..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

samskritham - linguistical wonder

Sanskrit is a beautiful language, learning this language is a pure joy.. i have just set on a journey to uncover the secrets of this language.. it is just so marvelous to know , how the structure of the language and the grouping of the phonemes were done , to benefit human health. It is believed and proven that the recitation of the sanskrit hymns , activates the particular organs based on the mantra one recites.. In one of the studies , it was said that sanskrit is the only spoken language that could be leveraged to a programming language for its accurate syntax and structure.

By knowing sanskrit , one has the advantage to comprehend the most profound and rich knowledge of ancient India..The ancient scripture has accounts of mathematics, physics, medicine,astronomy, philosophy, law and the like. you name it and you will find it. We have such rich database yet we are in search of the modern solutions... No they aren't outdated, much of it still to be discovered by modern world..

If your past interests you, here is the medium - Samskritam..

Friday, May 8, 2009

An Ode To Daddy

As tiny toddlers, in your arms we grew,

Imbibing the virtues of being honest and true.

Disciplined in your deeds, endorsing values that comes of age,

Evolving in your principles, blessed we are to be born in your lineage.

In your personification of compassion, we reckoned the power of unity,

Flaunting kindness, benevolent to all, thy, an epitome of humanity.

In safe hands, under protective care, molded we were, by dearth of fortitude,

With viciousness afar, we comprehended the world finer, not deterring our attitude.

A loving husband, a sincere officer, adorable sibling to a dutiful son being the foundation,

Etching the perfect roles in life that many of us look up to as an inspiration.

Caring father, a very fond grand dad, above all a fine human being,

A rarity blended into one, sets him apart, much to everyone’s liking.

We all love you Daddy !!

This is to my beloved grand dad, who reached the heavenly abode on 21st March 2009. He has taught me what to be and what not be in life.. Miss you.

Be the change you want to see..

Right from my school days , i have always wondered, why do we call India a "Developing Country" even after 45 yrs of freedom then.. Today i know the reasons aplenty.. like any Indian, i would want my country to flourish :) Not to compete with the riches of the rich, but just to be there..where we deserve to be and command our respect.. I have very less knowledge to talk about the history of country , i can only say that am proud to be born here where the mystery of life originated and prevails :)

As i grew, i decided to do something to command our respect back.. today as a part of a dedicated team, we feel the key to India's growth lies in 'Education'.. The knowledge that ancient India gave to the world is lost in our own lands.. we teach less fortunate children to equip themselves with knowledge and bestow India with righteousness.. Our group is called Dream India , a registered NGO...any body who wants to volunteer , can visit www.dreamindia2020.org to know more about us..

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.. India was and is , one such candle. Let us strive to understand her..

Welcome to my blog..

I have thought over this decision to blog for a long time now :) Most of the times, the answer was a 'No'.. not because i have very little to say..just that i wasn't ready to open up.. on a saturday morning at work, i just realized that its time i use this powerful media to reach out to others..and let my friends know of my where abouts.. I have enjoyed reading others blogs, its time i offer something..

Hope you enjoy here !