Friday, May 8, 2009

An Ode To Daddy

As tiny toddlers, in your arms we grew,

Imbibing the virtues of being honest and true.

Disciplined in your deeds, endorsing values that comes of age,

Evolving in your principles, blessed we are to be born in your lineage.

In your personification of compassion, we reckoned the power of unity,

Flaunting kindness, benevolent to all, thy, an epitome of humanity.

In safe hands, under protective care, molded we were, by dearth of fortitude,

With viciousness afar, we comprehended the world finer, not deterring our attitude.

A loving husband, a sincere officer, adorable sibling to a dutiful son being the foundation,

Etching the perfect roles in life that many of us look up to as an inspiration.

Caring father, a very fond grand dad, above all a fine human being,

A rarity blended into one, sets him apart, much to everyone’s liking.

We all love you Daddy !!

This is to my beloved grand dad, who reached the heavenly abode on 21st March 2009. He has taught me what to be and what not be in life.. Miss you.

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