Saturday, May 9, 2009

samskritham - linguistical wonder

Sanskrit is a beautiful language, learning this language is a pure joy.. i have just set on a journey to uncover the secrets of this language.. it is just so marvelous to know , how the structure of the language and the grouping of the phonemes were done , to benefit human health. It is believed and proven that the recitation of the sanskrit hymns , activates the particular organs based on the mantra one recites.. In one of the studies , it was said that sanskrit is the only spoken language that could be leveraged to a programming language for its accurate syntax and structure.

By knowing sanskrit , one has the advantage to comprehend the most profound and rich knowledge of ancient India..The ancient scripture has accounts of mathematics, physics, medicine,astronomy, philosophy, law and the like. you name it and you will find it. We have such rich database yet we are in search of the modern solutions... No they aren't outdated, much of it still to be discovered by modern world..

If your past interests you, here is the medium - Samskritam..

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