Thursday, January 20, 2011

Money money everywhere..not a penny clean

In spite of the high growth rate in India, the report stated that India would continue to remain a low-income country for decades to come but could be a "motor for the world economy" if it fulfills its growth potential – Goldman Sachs 2007.

With corruption so rampant in almost every department of the governance, I guess that is where we are heading to. One Scam, after another, has clouded the Nation, yet the Government is only watching with no remorse from the comforts of their power seats, while the common man is left lurching for his basic needs. India as a Nation has done exceedingly well in the last decade, the growth is evident, along with this growth in Economy; the room for exploitation has also increased. Lenient laws, flexible policies, weak political structure and lack of accountability have paved way for social evils to take shape.

It is really disappointing to see the unwillingness of the Government to take action on the alleged members. It is understandable that Indian Governance is huge and it moves slowly, but lethargy can’t be tolerated. Indian citizen is no more naïve people, along with the Nation’s growth, the individuals have risen; He understands the nuances of governance or at least has the willingness to understand. Does the Government think they can get away with what they do? The men behind the corruption may not be punished (continue enjoy the luxuries earned), law suites may still be pending, and another Government will come into position but what will happen to the Country, Her growth and the people? Plundering the nation of its richness, looting the population of its righteousness, will only weaken the existing delicate system. It is now the right time to restructure, and do away with existing mess and build a stronger Nation where not just the looters can enjoy luxury but every citizen will be entitled to comfort.

What can WE do as a citizen of the country? How can we change the attitude of our politicians and Business honchos?

Share your thoughts!

More to come..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time travelled into the new year...

I neither wrote a ‘Bye-Bye 2010’ post nor a ‘Welcome 2011’ post and before I realize we are already into the 19th day of the First month. Anyways I isn’t a person who counts on the number of years to appreciate life ;) Nevertheless, such days give us the opportunity to look back and drown in reminiscence which I love doing! 2010 has been as good as every year before, didn’t I tell you I am not the person to make a special notes of the events in a year..Lol! I have had some lovely experiences this year, lot of understanding and learning – I am growing as a person in character :-)
As I look back on 2010, what comes to me first is the quality time I spent with myself and my dear ones. I got to live and experiment the way I aspired to, this year. I am glad I have begun to focus on things that provide an inner peace – one of which is I got back to sketching!

I am excited about the journey ahead..lots of unraveling, and new horizons on the cards, of the million things I want to be able to do, I wish I am bestowed with the same levels of energy and curiosity always!

Wishing you a peaceful and an eventful time ahead..