Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time travelled into the new year...

I neither wrote a ‘Bye-Bye 2010’ post nor a ‘Welcome 2011’ post and before I realize we are already into the 19th day of the First month. Anyways I isn’t a person who counts on the number of years to appreciate life ;) Nevertheless, such days give us the opportunity to look back and drown in reminiscence which I love doing! 2010 has been as good as every year before, didn’t I tell you I am not the person to make a special notes of the events in a year..Lol! I have had some lovely experiences this year, lot of understanding and learning – I am growing as a person in character :-)
As I look back on 2010, what comes to me first is the quality time I spent with myself and my dear ones. I got to live and experiment the way I aspired to, this year. I am glad I have begun to focus on things that provide an inner peace – one of which is I got back to sketching!

I am excited about the journey ahead..lots of unraveling, and new horizons on the cards, of the million things I want to be able to do, I wish I am bestowed with the same levels of energy and curiosity always!

Wishing you a peaceful and an eventful time ahead..

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