Thursday, December 9, 2010

In memoir of my dad...

Death; A jumble of letters that convey plethora of emotion,
As you begin to live, 'It awaits you' is imbibed as a notion.

when the ultimatum reaches you, thy have found your destination,
you seize to exist, to experience its manifestation.

To the world behind, its an inevitable chore of one's life
to the blood line, its the last trace of you, cuts deep like a knife.

you were flesh and blood, just before a while,
now, where do i search for that rare smile.

As a tiny toddler, I grew wrapped in your arms,
holding fond memories of the gifts, portrayal of your love and charm.

And there came a day, when i found in you many folly,
in the simplest things, only to realize now, how silly?

Dad, there were many times, we never could cut a compromise,
It's true i expected more in you, its also true that i loved you, I promise.

Now that i believe there is so much left unsaid...
I only want to ask, "Did you enjoy living with us?"

Dated: 18the Jan 2006

He Surpassed the physical plane on 9th Dec 2005, in memory of our times together, on his 5th Anniversary.

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