Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Modernisation hasn't changed anything,
For corruption still lingers in everything.

When people can elect haughty, selfish leader,
You understand they are no better.

Justice is no more in the court,
It lies in the political men's fort.

Common men are helpless as they say,
Even without trying their way .

They misuse their own freedom,
Showing the lack of one's wisdom.

Neither you nor me can claim the blame,
For the world has decided to go after money and fame.


Nirmal said...

Wow Poetry?
From short stories to poems, From coding to public speaking..sometimes i get a feel your blog is a Mix of Everything in life :)

I do feel helpless at times seeing at what is happening in current affairs.

People get obsessed with land/gold these days.
I have started to lose hope on politicians/bureaucrats (corrupt ones) still optmistic abt India 2020.

Lets see, hope we read this post after 10 years .

Divya said...

Thanks Nirmal. This poem was written way back in school, i guess around 1999/2000.. Found it still apt for our times ;) Would love to read it after 10 years and realize it doesn't hold good :)) Btw, it is poems to short stories, planning to digitize the little i have saved.