Thursday, October 21, 2010

Believe in the goodness of life

A couple lived in the woods by the stream away from the urban humdrum they were brought up in. They were both well educated, gave up their well paying corporate jobs and made the woods their home. Vinay and Riya woke up every day to the sounds of the chirping birds. Riya sets out to fetch water from the gushing stream. In the distant, she watches Vinay collect woods for the week as the mighty sun struggles to penetrate its rays into the thick tropic forest. It has been a month since they set out on a mission to embrace nature and explore sustainable development forgoing their burgeoning techno culture in the cities. Since then, Riya has found an inner peace that she had never known to be existent.

Riya and vinay discuss their plans for the tribal community inhabitant in the forest as they eat their breakfast of handpicked fruits and cereals. Both of them love nature and often went on treks in search of nature trails to break away from their mechanical living. In one of their treks, they lost their trail and were helped by the tribes. They were amazed at the sustainable living they witnessed in the center of the thick tropical forest.

The memories of that trail didn’t elude them. It was a quiet a dangerous trail, and having lost their way, they were frightened and worried. They swore that they will never enter the jungles again! Now, that they were back to their routine, hectic work schedules stole their time together. The ideals of the materialistic world suffocated Riya. She was often confronted with situations where her real aspirations were brushed aside by the cynical society. Riya’s energy was being zapped into fruitless mundane activities. She was caught in the cycle of living, often worrying about ‘what-if’ situations. She wanted to break free and go soul searching.

Vinay was equally charmed by the virgin forests, the lush green landscape, the hooting of the animals, the chill breeze swaying in the air, and the company of dear Riya keeping pace with him. One fine day, the couple could no longer resist and they decided to escape to the hills. Riya and Vinay opted to stay in the comfort of a resort 1500 meters above sea level.

Riya was perched on a rock overlooking a vista of green meadows in the highest peak of the region. Vinay was staring at the dark clouds that were re-arranging themselves into different meaningful figures.

“Vinay, why do we have to compete for all the things that we desire?”

“We compete for the things we need, not what we desire!”

Riya turns back. Her hair sways in the wind.

“But we do compete! We fight hard; we work beyond hours to buy that house, to buy that car. Don’t we?”

“Does your heart desire a beautiful house or peaceful home?”

Riya falls silent.

“Riya, we earn, we build a house, buy a car, save a ransom for kids because Human being needs security.”

“Right! We are rational creatures so we secure ourselves”

“And in the process we fail to live”

“Vinay, what is your argument that we should renounce worldly pleasure?”

“No! Believe in the universe”.

Riya slowly walks up to Vinay.


“Have you been worried that your new car may be hit? Have you been worried that your house will be burglared? Have you been worried that there may be traffic congestion when you set to work? Have you been worried that your servant maid may not turn up today? Have you been worried that your colleague may not finish his deadline and it would land on you? We take precautions for everything in life. We are constantly thinking of situation where something may go wrong and prepare our self to brace it”
“Isn’t that good? We are prepared for the worst!”

“Riya, who is against you? Who is going to bring you worries? Where is the worst?”

Riya closes her eyes and says, “None.”

“We have been wired to think that way Riya, we constantly feel we may be harmed without any absolute reason. The worst is only in our minds. Don’t you think so?”

“More often than not! Yes.”

“Universe is here to provide each of us a beautiful experience. Believe in her manifestations.”

She realizes much more than what Vinay says.

Vinay holds her and shows her a nest on a tree top.A nest with four hatchlings sticking out their neck looking out for their mother. Vinay explains how the bird believes in the universe to guard the young ones that has just been hatched, if the birds thought, the wind may tear up the nest, if the birds thought the eggs may fall off the nest, every bird will have to build cover nets around the tree and nets over the cover nets like the way we Humans insure all our belongings.

Riya clasps vinay’s hand and they watch the mother feed the young ones.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Introversion questionnaire – Results, interpretations and facts!

Thanks to everyone who responded to the questionnaire. The intention of the questionnaire was to survey the opinion people hold about introverts. I have to admit the sample size was small and the number of questions was less to draw empirical conclusions, nevertheless the observations made for the responses received goes as follows:

1.Majority of the individuals enjoy the company of a friend who is an introvert but would rarely prefer to make an introvert as a friend.
2.Majority of the individuals differ in their behavior towards introverts of the opposite sex.
3.Majority of the individuals believe extroverts are more interesting than introverts.
4.Individuals were divided on their views about introverts being shy and lonely.
5.Extroverts believed introverts can make good companions than introverts themselves.

The common myths that people hold about introverts are that these individuals are Unfriendly, Shy, they lack Social Skills, they won't talk to people, they dislike being with people, are socially withdrawn, loners, and spoilers of party.

Every Individual exhibits both extroversion and introversion as characteristics. It is their predominant inclination towards a particular trait that comes off as their characteristic. An introvert focuses inwards, an individual who is interested in his/her own mental disposition. They channel their energy to progress through reflection. It is believed that as people grow, they gradually move from extraversion to introversion.

Introverts are not loners; they have their own small social circle. They are not shy either; they have a social preference rather than a social withdrawal. Introverts are good at working well with interpersonal, long term relations. They are individualistic, have greater ability to concentrate, responsible and self reflective. They exhibit greater creative skills attributed to inward thinking.

Ambivert is one who takes the mid path; one who enjoys social interaction and also relishes his own time. As individuals we should aspire to balance out the extraversion-introversion disposition in us and take the middle ground.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Making the mystical connection

Unless you transcend the physical there is no question of oneness! - Sadhguru

The Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple of Isha Yoga foundation, located 30 kms from Coimbatore offers you that experience to transcend and unify with the oneness. Dhyanalinga is an energy center of tremendous proportion, the energy of the seven chakras is locked at its peak. The architecture has a profound science as its pedestal. The elliptical dome that houses the Linga and the vortex of energy is a concentric circle of bricks stabilized without the use of any concrete, cement or pillar.

I was quiet eager to leverage the mysticism of the place and experience a meditative state. It is said that one need not have any prior knowledge/experience of meditation; one naturally attains meditative state by sitting silently for few minutes. One enters the dome in groups and is expected to be seated for 15 minutes, after which a bell is sounded and the next group walks in. It is individual’s choice to leave or continue their experience. Once inside, there is certain aura that is inexplicable. I first sat down to gape at the doom and slowly closed my eyes and began concentrating on my breath. As I began to relax, I gradually divulged into an inner space. The water that drips from the center of the dome on to the water body surrounding the Dhyanalinga leads to rhythmic trance.

I initially thought I would meditate as I always do and use this aura to seek few answers. My experience translated to another rendition. I realized the answer I was seeking was conspicuous and this moment was to experience another realm of vibration! Before I walked in, this yogic temple came as a place for meditation but being there I realized it was much more – Divine Energy! At the end of the fifteenth minute I was in a deep state and I continued to stay there. I was seeing the Big picture, Life’s mundane questions eluded the space and I was making mystical connection. Transference of energy - I let go of my negative energy and drew positivity! I gradually transcended back to my original state, ready to walk away when the bell sounded again. I would have loved to stay a longer! I promised myself, another day.

An excerpt from a weekend well spent with old buddies!

Updated:I am sharing my experience about visiting the DhyanaLinga yogic temple alone, i have no opinions on Isha Yoga Foundation and their programs.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Spare a minute!

Here are some questions about a specific personality type we come across in other individuals and ourselves. I request you to spare a couple of minutes and answer the questions for me :) you can leave a comment or drop an email
( Feel free to pass the link to your friends. I am not assessing your personality and am just looking for opinion from people. Thank You!

1)In a party would you like to give company to an opposite sex (You have just met) who is very reserved?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

2)In a party would you like to give company to same sex (You have just met) who is very reserved?
b)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

3)At work place/College do you admire people who keep to themselves and complete their work with perfection?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

4)Would you get irritated if your friend questions you about his/her look several times when you are out together?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

5)Do you think you can make an interesting conversation with an introvert?
a)Never b)rarely c)Sometimes d)Often

6)Do you like spending time with an introvert friend?
a)Never b) Rarely c)Sometimes d)Often

7)In your opinion are introverts shy?
a)Yes b) No

8)In your opinion do you think introverts prefer to stay alone most of the time?
a)Yes b) No

9)Do you think introverts are unfriendly and socially withdrawn?
a)Yes b)No

10)Are you an introvert?
a)Yes b) No

Discovery of self

Studying psychology helps not only to understand the psyche of others, but also your own self. I remember being very curious in the First year to interpret my results of the psychological test that we take in our experimental class. It helped me ascertain certain characteristics that I possess and confirm the rest. When I sat to take up the test this year, little did I know there would be a significant difference in the results. Have I changed in less than year? Yes I have.

It came as a surprise to me initially, but then with every day, I realized my views/opinions had changed over the year. I didn’t have to complete the test and wait for the result, I knew even while attempting to answer those questions. I was quite aware of my answers – how I picked a different option from the last year. The tests aren’t the same, the questions are different but they intrinsically determine your trait. I was aware of the transformational journey I am enduring but to capture it in form of empirical results was quite revealing! The change within triggered off when I attended Level-1 Clinical Hypnosis course early this year and from then have been experiencing new realms.

In one of the lectures, my professor shared an interesting observation. He said when people meet after a long while and exchange pleasantries, we take pride when the other person remarks, “You haven’t changed a bit, you are just the same even after 10 long years.” He told us, if one doesn’t change it only implies he hasn’t grown and is still immature. It’s definitely a point to ponder, I was able to relate with his observation, and most of us do feel good about staying the way we are. Why don’t we like to grow? We tend to equate not changing to not having acquired any bad traits. Negative co-relation of events is the way human mind works; we have programmed ourselves to be so. Having not changed also means we have failed to progress! The question of whether the change has done you good/bad is a different implication to mull over. The willingness to change holds the key to transformation.