Monday, October 18, 2010

Introversion questionnaire – Results, interpretations and facts!

Thanks to everyone who responded to the questionnaire. The intention of the questionnaire was to survey the opinion people hold about introverts. I have to admit the sample size was small and the number of questions was less to draw empirical conclusions, nevertheless the observations made for the responses received goes as follows:

1.Majority of the individuals enjoy the company of a friend who is an introvert but would rarely prefer to make an introvert as a friend.
2.Majority of the individuals differ in their behavior towards introverts of the opposite sex.
3.Majority of the individuals believe extroverts are more interesting than introverts.
4.Individuals were divided on their views about introverts being shy and lonely.
5.Extroverts believed introverts can make good companions than introverts themselves.

The common myths that people hold about introverts are that these individuals are Unfriendly, Shy, they lack Social Skills, they won't talk to people, they dislike being with people, are socially withdrawn, loners, and spoilers of party.

Every Individual exhibits both extroversion and introversion as characteristics. It is their predominant inclination towards a particular trait that comes off as their characteristic. An introvert focuses inwards, an individual who is interested in his/her own mental disposition. They channel their energy to progress through reflection. It is believed that as people grow, they gradually move from extraversion to introversion.

Introverts are not loners; they have their own small social circle. They are not shy either; they have a social preference rather than a social withdrawal. Introverts are good at working well with interpersonal, long term relations. They are individualistic, have greater ability to concentrate, responsible and self reflective. They exhibit greater creative skills attributed to inward thinking.

Ambivert is one who takes the mid path; one who enjoys social interaction and also relishes his own time. As individuals we should aspire to balance out the extraversion-introversion disposition in us and take the middle ground.


Nirmal said...

thanks for publishing the results!!!

I personally dont read much into ppl whether they are introverts,extroverts or ambiverts while making friends?

When i saw u first time in IMPACT,i thgt u must be an extrovert not sure you are one? but then its just an inner belief that i go with.."lets be friends"

Divya said...

You don't read, your mind does ;) Anyways, it was for the larger population - we don't base our actions always on what opinions we form , but we do form opinions!