Monday, October 11, 2010

Making the mystical connection

Unless you transcend the physical there is no question of oneness! - Sadhguru

The Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple of Isha Yoga foundation, located 30 kms from Coimbatore offers you that experience to transcend and unify with the oneness. Dhyanalinga is an energy center of tremendous proportion, the energy of the seven chakras is locked at its peak. The architecture has a profound science as its pedestal. The elliptical dome that houses the Linga and the vortex of energy is a concentric circle of bricks stabilized without the use of any concrete, cement or pillar.

I was quiet eager to leverage the mysticism of the place and experience a meditative state. It is said that one need not have any prior knowledge/experience of meditation; one naturally attains meditative state by sitting silently for few minutes. One enters the dome in groups and is expected to be seated for 15 minutes, after which a bell is sounded and the next group walks in. It is individual’s choice to leave or continue their experience. Once inside, there is certain aura that is inexplicable. I first sat down to gape at the doom and slowly closed my eyes and began concentrating on my breath. As I began to relax, I gradually divulged into an inner space. The water that drips from the center of the dome on to the water body surrounding the Dhyanalinga leads to rhythmic trance.

I initially thought I would meditate as I always do and use this aura to seek few answers. My experience translated to another rendition. I realized the answer I was seeking was conspicuous and this moment was to experience another realm of vibration! Before I walked in, this yogic temple came as a place for meditation but being there I realized it was much more – Divine Energy! At the end of the fifteenth minute I was in a deep state and I continued to stay there. I was seeing the Big picture, Life’s mundane questions eluded the space and I was making mystical connection. Transference of energy - I let go of my negative energy and drew positivity! I gradually transcended back to my original state, ready to walk away when the bell sounded again. I would have loved to stay a longer! I promised myself, another day.

An excerpt from a weekend well spent with old buddies!

Updated:I am sharing my experience about visiting the DhyanaLinga yogic temple alone, i have no opinions on Isha Yoga Foundation and their programs.

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