Monday, October 4, 2010

Spare a minute!

Here are some questions about a specific personality type we come across in other individuals and ourselves. I request you to spare a couple of minutes and answer the questions for me :) you can leave a comment or drop an email
( Feel free to pass the link to your friends. I am not assessing your personality and am just looking for opinion from people. Thank You!

1)In a party would you like to give company to an opposite sex (You have just met) who is very reserved?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

2)In a party would you like to give company to same sex (You have just met) who is very reserved?
b)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

3)At work place/College do you admire people who keep to themselves and complete their work with perfection?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

4)Would you get irritated if your friend questions you about his/her look several times when you are out together?
a)Never b)Rarely c)Sometimes d)often

5)Do you think you can make an interesting conversation with an introvert?
a)Never b)rarely c)Sometimes d)Often

6)Do you like spending time with an introvert friend?
a)Never b) Rarely c)Sometimes d)Often

7)In your opinion are introverts shy?
a)Yes b) No

8)In your opinion do you think introverts prefer to stay alone most of the time?
a)Yes b) No

9)Do you think introverts are unfriendly and socially withdrawn?
a)Yes b)No

10)Are you an introvert?
a)Yes b) No

8 comments: said...

1)d; 2)d; 3)d; 4)c; 5)c; 6)d; 7)a; 8)a; 9)b; 10)b

Anonymous said...

d d d d c c b b b a

Can you use google forms for it can make answering easier!

Nirmal said...

a c d c a a a b b a

Nirmal said...

Make it some online form it would be easier to pass it on to my friends:)

Divya said...

@Nirmal - True, exploring options will let ya know soon! Thank You !

@Deepak - Thank you !

Vikram H said...


Nirmal said...


Answers and Results please!!!
Eagerly waiting :)

Divya said...