Monday, February 27, 2012


Karan walked out of his home. He was truly shattered. He didn't see a purpose to his life. He believed in improving the quality of his life and the life of others around him but each day he slept with a heavy heart, believing tomorrow would be a better day! 

He saw abject poverty in the society; it troubled him. He couldn't live like the man next door, focusing on his career and building a better future for himself and the generation to come next by amassing wealth. He believed in a harmonious co-existence while all he saw everyday was - Men & women in a race nudging, trampling and shoving others. He questioned life; is procreation the essence of this journey? 

Deceit;Hatred;Revenge;Greed;Selfishness;Prejudice;Jealousy;Wrath;Distrust;Arrogance clouded the minds of individuals in pursuit of happiness.

He couldn’t convince himself to play in a society plagued with evil. He walked out.
He left everything behind, denouncing life in search of peace. It didn’t take him long to understand; no matter where he went, he had a journey to pursue – his own journey of life and he couldn’t abandon it.

He decided to seek wisdom. He chanced upon a saint in his tireless journey through the jungles and wild landscapes adorned just by nature devoid of human vices.

“What brings you here, my son?”
“I want to understand life. What is my purpose in life? Why should I struggle my way up through human vices? Why can’t we co-exist in harmony? Why this tough fight for nothing? If death is the final destination why live this journey of anguish?”
“And you thought you would find the answers here in the mountains?”
“Not really! I wanted to leave that world behind me. I didn’t want to corrupt my soul by living among there.”
“So, you left everything behind?”
“Yes! Everything”
“Look at that in the distance and tell me what you see”
Karan shaded his vision with his hands to get a clearer look of what the saint was pointing at.
“It is cruel. I see a man piercing through the skin of the animal’s leg.”
The saint signals and his disciple walks in. “What do you see at the distance?”
“Guru, mitran is nursing the injured animal”
“I didn’t know the animal was hurt; I am sorry” karan bows down.
The saint pats Karan's back and asks again, “My son, have you left everything behind when you came?”
“Yes!” Karan emphasizes throwing open his free hands.
“You brought yourself along my son”

“The world may not be an ideal place but it definitely is not a cruel place either. You saw what you chose to see my son. You were so focused on improving your life through imbibing good nature that you chose to see only the vices and you failed to see other side. The others in the world chose to make a fortune and that’s why they see only ways to make money. You only see what you wish to see my son.” 

“But, then…I saw apathy everywhere..even in those people who focused on their own fortunes. There is a struggle for everything out there…”

“Now, go back and see the world with the different eye. The world is a projection of your senses and where ever you go, you will only see your projections; you cannot run away from your own self my son. The change you wish to see is within you”

He continues saying, “Focus on the solution and not the problem. Yes, you can see poverty but when you open up, you will also see the other side of poverty. You will see men who erase their own poverty through the relentless efforts.”

“And the struggle?”

“It will continue, my son as the world is also the projection of other’s around you. Until a time comes when everyone understands the world is a projection of their own self and everyone crystallizes their thought, you will have to lead a life in the projection of a confused world.”

“But why? I don’t want to struggle..”

“You can’t leave yourself behind and before you are ready to do that you have some lessons to learn in the confused world…Focus on the solution and you can help the world with your clear projection that will lessen the burden”

The world isn't a cruel place. It just reflects us. I once put this up one as my Facebook status, "The entire Universe reflects, it is quite unfortunate that we look only at the mirror." Yes, we can see ourselves in things that surround us from the inanimate book on our shelves to the animate companion at our home.

It is our interpretation of the events unfolding that decides the consequence. One who chooses to see the good, only sees the good; one chooses to see the apathy;only sees the apathy.

In a study that was conducted, it was observed that people who considered themselves lucky were the ones who spotted Ads on a newspaper that gave away freebies while those who considered themselves unlucky never spotted or took longer time to spot the Ad. It was the same ad, in same print that was circulated to a group of people. Luck isn't an outside opportunity, it is an inside hope.

There is no solution in questioning, 'why the world is this way', instead raise the question, 'why am i this way' - The change you wish to see will come by!

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are" - Anais Nin


indu chhibber said...

a very wise post,a lot of misery can be avoided if only we understand our own selves will find a similar message on my post "History repeats itself"

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

Enjoyed reading this post. Our environments are but reflections of our selves. As we work to know, understand and improve our selves, our environment also changes. Once we have learned to live in harmony with our selves, we can start learning about the self which never changes. Keep writing.

maliny said...

Life is all about stumbling, picking yourself up, moving forward taking control over your mind . . nice post :)

Bhagyashree said...

Beautiful post Divya. Loved it!!

Dee........ said...

rocking post again.. so many messages to be studied :) said...

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Divya said...

@ Indu read your post, i liked your personal experiences :)

@ Subhorup So true! Thanks for the encouragement

@ Maliny :-) yes, indeed..not as easy as said ;-)

@ Bhagyashree :-) Thank you!

@ Deepak - Haha..take it one by one ;-)

shirin goel said...

The contents are really good…

Asif said...

Excellent post Divya. I think i got the essence of the post that everything in this universe is a reflection of us. I am not sure how looking at things positively would solve the prevalent problems in the society.

I believe you are suggesting that seeing things as half full instead of half empty enables to look at solutions to solve the problem instead of cribbing about the problem. Have I got it right?


Divya said...

@ Asif - Thank you! Yes it helps focus on the solution rather than the problem which we tend to do..and with your clean thought projections, you are aiding the consciousness of others around you. Positive thinking is infectious, when you stay positive people around you get inspired and so it spreads making the world a better place. There is another factor called as the universal consciousness and a critical mass at which the consciousness peaks.