Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tell a Tale contest - Results

Winners of Tell a Tale Contest

The winner is Deva

A story told with conviction lacing words that elegantly conveyed the essence of every scene capturing the emotions quite well. He used the serendipity of life to give strength to the character reflecting how an ordinary soul faces challenges of life and breathes energy from his own environment. Kudos to your strong diction & writing style.

The First Runner Up is Hariharan Valady

A Story told taking into cognizance every character, time, and place that any master storyteller would require to take his audience into confidence. He had intelligently used the current affairs to lay foundation for his character's evil notions. A climax well etched portraying how every soul including a Fighter who surrenders to weapons is moved by Love & Emotion.

The Second Runner Up is Krishnan

A story strongly woven with no dangling pointers, closely knitted, gripping the audience till the end to unveil a climax where the protagonist nurtures a devil within him. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind", essayed by character's reflection of self with the surrounding.

Congratulations to the winners!!

Every story had a striking feature which made it every hard to choose the one that outweighed the other. It would be unfair if i don't mention the efforts of other contestants here. Each story had good rendition with interesting messages told.

The striking feature of every story(in no particular order)

Rebirth in a Train  Bold
Strange  Intelligent
Life or So   Powerful
Tell a Tale   Romantic
Beginning of new Journey   Breezy
So near yet so far   Practical
Riverie   Dreamy

Thanks once again for taking part in the contest. I loved all your entries and learnt a lot from each of you!

I believe we all have a scope for improvement and such contests should help us identify those areas besides revealing our strong holds. If you wish, you can drop an email to and i would be happy to provide my feedback - my humble opinions that are subject to your scrutiny. We have several platforms that are generous in appreciating our efforts but few that help in collectively progressing ahead, I wish to provide both.

Please do send me your feedback on the contest too. Good luck to all of you with your writing & more.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to everyone who contested. Thanks to Divya for this wonderful opportunity. I loved reading all the other 9 stories. Happy writing all!

Engram said...

Thank you for conducting this contest and i also need to Thank Deva for tagging me to participate. It was fun to participate along with bloggers whose dictation and their imagination much more advanced than me.Keep up the good work Diyva and be in touch.

deVa said...

Congratulations Hariharan Valady and Krishnan. All other fellow participants, it has been great participating along with you all. Every story was great in its own different way. Dear readers, you have been wonderful with the feedback. And Divya, thank you so very much for this recognition as well as the opportunity :)


Bhagyashree said...

It was fun; congratulations to the winners

Anonymous said...

Congrats participants! Great stories and loads of fun participating! Thanks Divya

s said...

Congrats participants! Great stories and loads of fun participating! Thanks Divya

SR said...

Congrats participants! Great stories and loads of fun participating! Thanks Divya

Hariharan Valady said...

Congrats Deva. Thanks to everyone who participated thereby making this an interesting contest.

Vijay Shenoy said...

Hearty Congratulations to the winners. Kudos to Divya for organizing. And 3 cheers to every story teller who participated... It was a fun affair ;-)

Divya said...

Congratulations to all the participants!!

It was indeed my pleasure :) Thanks to each one of you.

Anonymous said...

congrats deva, hariharan and krishnan and to all the other participants...and divya for an interesting start to the story

ahmedabadonnet said...

Very good one...