Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who am I ?

I am an evading angel, transcending the norms,
    Tiny and enormous I am, I appear in many forms,
I bring a smile to many and a worry to few,
    I am mightier than the shining fresh dew.
Slowly I descend as I tread down with grace,
    Reflecting joy unbound on tiny tot’s face.
A friend in need, blessing I am, accelerating growth,
    Infinite with love, never falling short of strength.
I can harm, I can turn wild and ugly, tearing life apart,
    Just when synchronicity is lost and world gets tart.
Hold on, believe in harmony and I am destined to calm,
    My mother soothes all, being the universal balm.
Hiding under the good and evil is a mirage for the weak,
    Accept me in my forms, life is such that dips and peak.
I turn into thin vapor, deceiving your belief,
    In my absence, stay still and sigh a relief.
I whiz pass you, and stay high above you; not away,
    Only to come back, reunite; relish and pave our way.
In my journey, you can reflect the essence of life’s wisdom,
    I am an instance, so are you; go experience freedom.

Leave a comment on who do you think the 'I' in the poem refers to :-)


Akshay Kumar G said...

That was a really beautiful poem. :) I might sound like Captain Obvious when I say this, but the 'I' in the poem refers to rain/storm? Or does it have a deeper meaning? :)

Seema said...

I think you are a very sweet girl with a wonderful heart.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading the magic of rain.. Thanks Divya.. :)

Divya said...

@Captain Obvious - You are right! It does have a deeper reflection on life. The cycle of Rain appeared like life to me ;-)

@Seema - Thank you for those kind words :-)

@Krishnan - My Pleasure :-)