Monday, January 23, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Yes, i have been nominated by Christine for The Versatile Blogger Award. I am so excited to receive this award from a blogger who writes lovely poems and blogs on various subjects.

Thank you Christine! :-) Words would fail to express my gratitude!

Christine and I competed for "Picture worth the words contest" together and i truly admire her work.

The Versatile Blogger Award Rules:

1. Add a picture of the award in your post.
2. Thank the award giver.
3. Share 7 random facts about you.
4. Choose 15 other bloggers to pass the award to and let them know that they’ve been nominated.

The 7 Random facts about me - little hard, let me try ;-)

1. I have a poor sense of humor.
2. I believe in the macro-micro cosmos. I believe every life on Earth has a power derived from the Universal powers lying dormant within.
3. I am a certified clinical Hypnotherapist. (Please Don't stay away!)
4. I love to read about anything under the sun from Science to History.
5. I am fascinated by ancient wisdom.
6. Oops, ran out of facts! I love intellectual talks; the idea of sitting with a dear friend and talking for hours over a cup of coffee excites me.
7. I love the Ocean, can spend countless hours staring at her.

Now, to the nominations; It feels good to pass on The Versatile Blogger Award to the following Bloggers:


I enjoy reading your blogs; the thought trails; poems; stories; musings; social messages; and more - The award is my way of appreciating, acknowledging and thanking your work.

Congratulations :-)


DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

HElloo.. thank you so much :)
can you do a favor ? need to undergo HYPNOSIS.. never tried :)
Poor sense of humor, yeah can guess that :D

Arun Srini said...

Hey can you please let meknow what hurdle you face commenting in blogger?

Akshay Kumar G said...

Hey Divya, thank you so much for the recognition. :):) I don't know whether I deserve it but I'm really thankful to you. :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

thank you so much!

a hypnotherapist! wow!
ocean - yes same pinch :)

had commented long back on your helping hands post, maybe u didnt see it yet

Arnab Maity said...

Thanks a lot Divya for featuring me as a versatile blogger! And yes, I love the ocean too, in fact that is what my name means in my mother tongue :)

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Congratulations on the award :)

rahul aggarwal said...

Congratulations Rahul ...yipee this is my first ever blog award!!!

thank you Divya .. thanks a ton for this award !

Congrats to all the other fellow bloggers...


Divya said...

Hey Arun,

I haven't faced in any problem in commenting. But, i have noticed wordpress users aren't able to comment on blogger seamlessly!

I am still searching for a solution.

Divya said...

How did you guess?? is it so obvious?

Hypnosis - Next time when i come down to India :-D

Divya said...

:-) Of course, you deserve it! Congrats!

Divya said...

I just saw your comment there. Thanks!

And keep writing :-)

Divya said...

Congrats! Ocean is so beautiful!

Divya said...

Thank you!

Divya said...

Congrats! Looking forward to more of your writing.

Hariharan Valady said...

Congratulations....looking at the variety of subjects you have covered, you deserve this.
Thanks for nominating me. It is an honour.! I can't believe this.

Hariharan Valady said...

I am not able to add the picture in my blog. I get a 'gadget error' can you please help?

Divya said...

Are you able to save the image? I can send the image to your mail.

Divya said...

Thanks! You do write on varied topics, moreover i see versatility even in one novel of yours :-)

NUKTAA said...

Divya Congratulation and Thanks a lot...this is ma first blog award :p

Nirmal Neeth said...

Congrats Divya!


Thanks for passing it to me. Very surprised to receive it :)
Keep blogging !!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and thanks for the nomination!

Seventh fact - just curious on what made you attribute the feminine gender to the ocean.

Indian Home Maker said...

Thanks Divya, but I have moved to I only use my blogspot blog id for commenting on blogs where commenting from wordpress id is difficult.

Hariharan Valady said...

Thanks. I have managed.

Bikramjit said...

congrats on the award .. came over from rahul's blog..

humour :- well humour is humour poor or rich what does it matter ..

and hypnotherapy oh wow.. now you can hynotise everyone to be good people :)

Congrats once again all the best


Divya said...

Thanks and congrats to you!

Divya said...

Thanks for your wishes and taking time off to drop by :)

I shall drop by your blog soon!

Divya said...

Thanks! I have been following your blog for a while now and like reading yours.

Divya said...

Thanks :)

Don't we say 'Mother' Nature. I don't know why but every thing that's nature's gift is 'her' to me :) I have perceived it that way ;-)

Divya said...

Oh ok! wasn't aware of it. I shall keep that on mind.

Ankita said...

interesting! I love ocean too and the sound the waves make but it looks really scary at night.

Certified hypnotherapist! gr8!

I love ancient wisdom too :)

Divya said...

Ankita - Nice to know we share a few interests!