Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Facing your fear!

It is believed that we, as a living entity are born with just 2 fears – Fear of Fall & Fear of Sound!

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Yes, only 2 fears then, can you imagine every other fear has been acquired through our living on earth experience?

In psychology and related science, it is believed that during the creation of this physical universe, there were loud explosions and we did fall off from a distance. It is similar to the big bang theory of creation. Hence, we inherently hold these two fears. Let me try to relate this to our current existence. Have you felt like you were falling from somewhere while you sleep? It is a common phenomenon that most of us experience during sleep. We even get up scared at times. Next, when you are deeply engrossed in a conversation and if your mom breaks a saucer in the kitchen, would you be shocked for a second? Generally when we hear a sudden noise, we feel our stomach churn! There is queasy feeling in our guts! These are experiential proves of these 2 inherent fears surfacing from within us.

All of us have some kind of fear, whether we like it or not! Have we ever tried to understand our fears, from where they come and tried to deal with them? We let them be!

Fears could be anything; fear of darkness, fear of water, fear of heights, fear of closed places, fear of lizards, cockroaches and crawly creatures, fear of flying and many others.

Most of these fears would have originated in our early childhood. Children learn from their Initial experiences of interacting with a physical universe! Negative/undesired outcomes create fear in the minds. With more experiences re-affirming the initial experience, it forms a fear deep inside.

Just being scared is totally different from harnessing a fear. We tend to be scared of trying new things – that’s perfectly ok! Some people I have seen are extremely scared. They would never ever do something that they are scared; they can even bring the roof down! Unimaginably scared!

Now that we realize our fears were only acquired, shouldn’t we try to let go of them. Facing your fear is the most exhilarating way to let go of your free. The process is truly heart rendering. Like in the movie ‘Zindagi Naa Milage Doobara’, the moment you conquer your fear is a life changing moment!

Why is it important to let go of our fear?

Because, a fear hinders our progress unconsciously.

Identify one of your fears and eliminate it! It heals your soul.

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Foot Note: It is important to go through the process slowly and steadily. Identify and expose yourself to the fear gradually. For Example: If you are scared of lizards, instead of avoiding them, try to face the situation by staying there. Take help from people at home to throw it out instead of seeking some shelter. Facing your fear does not mean, you go collect 100 lizards and let them crawl over you and say, “I Did it’! You may faint in palpitation if you try heroic stunts. People who have Phobia’s and extreme fears should take clinical help.


DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

psychological !
Fear and pessimism are important at sometimes, like parachute and some safety device !
too much of anything is good for nothing :P
I fear for MATH :P

Hariharan Valady said...

Good analysis-Fear of fall or sound; everything else is acquired. Very interesting read. However is getting over the acquired fear as easy as you have suggested? I have been trying to get over my fear of cockroaches for years now.

Divya said...

@Deepak - I don't quite agree with you when you say a bit of fear is necessary! Fear holds you back where as a safety device is like your Armour!

@Hariharan - It is definitely not as easy as i may have written :-) But with conscious effort its possible and through Psychological methods it is definitely possible!! ! It begins with first wanting to face your fear, then facing your fear and not giving up! With cockroaches, i don't know how you react but i would say just keep telling yourself we are here to co-exist ;-)

Anonymous said...

I read about a woman who had no fear of falling and took to the adventure "Bungee Jumping" and she unfortunately got stuck in some tree and died, later!

The post is good, perhaps you could add more anecdotes :) Just a thought :D

Divya said...

@Divenita Everyone holds a fear, she just faced it by taking the plunge! Was this in Nambia/Zimbabwe recently?

Thanks for your suggestion! :-)

rahul aggarwal said...

this blog is so very apt as i can relate my fear of being jobless .. but i know slow and steady it's your dedication and effort you put in will help you in eliminating this fear as well...

a person should always do the thing which he fears the most to get rid of the fear...

blog added to my list...from now on...will be constantly following you...


NUKTAA said...

Wonderful and very interesting post
I agree to Deepak when he says few fears are important to life
they work as failsafe in extreme situation.

Divya said...

@Rahul Thanks for following :-) Keep following your heart as well ;-)

@Nuktaa - Thanks! I respect your opinions :-)

Akshay Kumar G said...

Very interesting theory indeed. Fear of fall and fear of sound. I can totally imagine myself in the circumstances you have mentioned. We can conquer our fears by facing them, I totally agree. But your post was clearly understandable and relatable without the footnote as well. :)