Friday, January 6, 2012

Lokpal – will it see the light?

The most widely debated bill of the century would be Lokpal. Whether one likes it or not, the credit goes to Anna Hazare and his movement. It has gone through a series of twists and turns exposing many skeletons in the political cloak and reviving a new hope in the lives of Indians.

To anyone who watched the parliamentary debate on the Lokpal bill would by now understand that it lacks the political will. None of the political parties, neither the Government nor the Opposition is interested in passing a strong Lokpal that will curtail corruption. It is indeed sad to make such an observation.

What happens from here on is the million dollar question! Really? Actually not, with lack of political will; I am sure we will get to see more twists and turns, little more drama and continuing protests from the civil society and the media will discuss the pros and cons of “Historically’ passed Lokpal bill.

What has the Lokpal movement brought to light?

Personally, I am glad at many by-products of the movement.
Anna Hazare and his team – If civil society hadn’t taken up Lokpal and debated it extensively as it did then, we may never have seen the Parliament taking up the bill. Worst case, the weakest Lokpal would have gone past the parliament with us continuing our good old work.

It has stimulated the voice of angry young Indian!

I hope, at least we become a vigilant citizen from this movement on. It is true that the ruling parties are swindling money when in power but, as the citizens of a democratic country have we ever shown interest in keeping a watchful eye on the Government?

The Lokpal bill has been in the public domain for years. It took a group of members to read it and discuss in detail to find the shortcomings.

The ordinary citizen of India has never before followed the Parliamentary proceedings so closely. At least now we know what our elected representatives talk in the Parliament. To differentiate between the good and the bad, it is necessary to closely watch them, their deeds, their words and their actions.

I am glad India did it, more importantly the young Indians did it. I hope it continues and it creates a fear in the mind of the elected representatives. They got to become accountable to the ordinary citizen. Earning vote should never be made easy as it is now.

Next, Many among the ordinary citizens had this to ask of Team Anna: is it right to sit for a fast and hold the country at ransom?

No, it is not. Do we (ordinary citizen) have an option? On one side, Team Anna lost its cool intermittently. On the other side, the Government did everything to make them lose their cool. I know. I know. A true leader is one who can keep his composure in times of adversity. Yes, Team Anna faltered here and there. Even an honest man falters.

The Government used every knack it could from the books of ‘Vices of the Rulers’. Double talks, back biting, treachery, breaking the unity of the enemies, what not? I only wish the Government uses its sharp mind in devising policies that aid the general public. It is no doubt we have some of the best, well educated ministers in power but it is sad to see their intelligence being utilized to display manipulative skills.

In my opinion, the Government had every right to reject or accept a suggestion. It should have been honest in doing so. Double talk is a cheap means to achieve your gains. When Anna fasted the first time, if the Government had no interest in involving the civil society, it should have been straight forward in saying so. Deceit is a price one will have to pay for. The lack of clarity from the Government caused the chaos.

Some even said, our system works well as it is (with corruption), why change? I would call this –HELPLESSNESS! Yes, it works but do majority of the people make a decent living? Just cause you and me and a select few can live with this helplessness doesn’t mean we shouldn't work towards a better solution.

And, many in the political circle criticized Anna of being hand in glove with the opposition. Now, don’t you think it is just a blame-game? From the parliamentary debate, isn’t it clear that every political party has its own agenda? The opposition is trying to gain mileage out of the Anna movement. Is the movement to be blamed?

Even If, Team Anna is being fueled by opposition. The scores of people who walked out in support of the movement were common man like you and me. It is truly a people’s movement.

The reason why it appears as if Team Anna and Opposition are together is by the logic, an enemy to one is a friend to another. The people are fighting against corruption which is widespread.

Another argument is Anna should fight elections! If everyone who provides suggestions has to fight elections then, who will watch the system?
If only elected representatives have a voice in this country then, are we truly democratic?

A good system needs both a reviewer and an implementer. Both can’t be the same!

Anna’s movement has brought in faith - faith in the power of one voice, faith in the minds of Indians, faith in the democratic process.

Now, what should Team Anna do next? I saw this on Facebook, Arvind calling in for suggestions. In my opinion, we should continue to fight for reforms in the system – not just against corruption. Once election is over, the next five years is not in our hands - such is the case now. We will have our turn – Elections. What choices we have? Choose the best among the worst. Be vigil; Exercise your power; Don’t give up. Wait till then and continue to fight for reforms not just against this Government but every Government that tries to deceit us. One day we will become a better system, till then the fight is on!

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DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

funny thing is that, not everyone knows what lokpal is ?
zero tolerance and patience played a role in this huge uproar, this year has seen so much of protests :)
well composed