Monday, August 23, 2010

Stepping into the sixth..

I didn't want to look back and say, "I have completed 5 years of my career in the IT industry" rather i am looking ahead, today i begin another year :-) It is a new beginning, a new phase in my career. I channeled a mixed set of emotions as i walked away from my work place this evening! Only time can define that emotion !

It is hard not to be reminiscing on an anniversary. I feel so delighted for my batch mates who have successfully completed the 5 years in their First company :) In the age of Naukris and Monsters, it is feat by itself. Kudos !! On a personal front, i have seen varied work culture, contrasting people, diversified business strategies, rooted to one technology and one domain. Great exposure !!

At this moment i really want to thank my Colleagues without whom the whole journey would have taken a different route. A special mention to my Managers @ HCL Technologies, you will always be remembered :) Thank you !!

I am stepping into the sixth with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as on Day 1 !! A new place - new challenges that would redefine my experience. Wishing me an enriching journey ahead :)


Nirmal said...

Congrats Divya!
As you put it in the end of blog to start the day as a fresher even after 5 years is the key for enthusiasm which most ppl lose after couple of years!!

Congrats again!!

Divya said...

Thanks Nirmal :)