Monday, September 27, 2010


To begin with, I am glad that I managed to attend my contact classes, I still remember when I applied for the course I was a little worried if I will be able to allocate the time the course demanded. Looking back, I realize if you have an honest desire, the universe will help you fulfill it! Thank You.

The experience this time around was different from the last year in more than one way. Last year was more about comprehending the system in place and wondering about a new subject, this year around the admiration for subject grew on one side; on the other we had loads of fun!

As we were already attenuated to the system, it was easier to get our work done on time – a cake walk! We had plenty of time on hand, and lot of people around staying together, just translated to more fun. We spent most of the evenings together, walking around the streets of the small town. If one had to make the evening special then it had to be a temple visit! There is definitely an aura around temples that is inexplicable. It is just so wonderful to sit in a temple premise, stare into the open sky and listen to your friend talk ;) And just when you are to wind up, you realize they are distributing ‘Prasadham’, as you extend your hands to help yourself, yummy ‘Kozhukattai’ are placed onto your palms. Sure we ate loads of them, smacking our lips, to our heart’s content.

In a small town, what can keep you excited and on your toes? Food!! We conducted several experiments to make sure our taste buds were working perfectly fine ;) “Bring it on” was the only phrase uttered when we entered the restaurants! I can’t leave this space without mentioning about the Ice creams @ SVS, the stack of south Indian tiffin @ SR and the long wait @ MC to get to the Chicken legs! The biggest entertainment of the stay was our visit to the theatre to watch a movie – the excitement over entering the cinema hall and grabbing your seats first just died down as the movie progressed ;) Nevertheless a first experience to relish. Our craving for good food didn’t stop with venturing at nights; we even found a shack for lunch that served mouth watering home food – Can’t beat their fish curry – yummy!

The lessons were interesting at times, boring otherwise. We definitely did get pointers to many other sources – the best you could expect out of a few days contact program. We were provided glimpses of variant theories; I could draw parallel to Eastern psychology/philosophy - interesting bits to be explored further. The lectures in parts stimulated many thoughts and questions, reading more books and closely working with experienced professionals only would help one garner more knowledge and expertise. The course ends with appearing for theory examination mid next year but the learning will continue.

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