Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I, Me, Myself

Here I am gonna try and bring out a perception that I initially was skeptical about. Several times in our life’s, we would have heard philosophies such as, “Look within”, “It is all in the mind”, “It is the way you perceive others”, “Let go”,” See good, feel good, good will happen to you”, but have we understood the depth of these phrases? Have we put them to constant practice to reap benefits?

Well, it is easier said than done! Is it? Let us first try to understand the essence and digest the meaning for our own minds to accept and believe. ‘Doing’ relatively will become easier.

Raj and Nita were man and wife. Nita always felt her husband had no time for her. Every evening she would pick up a quarrel with her husband on all the mundane domestic needs, not that she rejoiced fighting with her husband, but this helped her get His attention. This became a way of living, creating lot of differences in their lives. Raj could not make her understand, what she meant to him, he would be drawn into the quarrel as well. Nita felt rejected.

Now, here if you see the origin of the problem, Nita felt her husband had no time. It was her perception and she felt rejected. Her feeling of rejection manifested into quarrels, one leading to another, making them feel incompatible.

What did Nita want? Can we say, she wanted to be happy and peaceful? Nita let herself feel low and down by feeling rejected. If, Nita felt good about herself, the feeling of rejection would not have come, rather her husband not spending time with her led her to feel she was not important.

Nita has to look within, and see how she feels, when her husband does not spend time. Does she feel rejected? If so, then she needs to believe herself, why should she undervalue herself, why should she feel down? Is she not important to herself? Does she not feel good about herself? The minute she begins to feel wanted by her own self, she will feel the difference. Yes, by healing yourself, you heal your world.

Any such discomfort in your mind needs to be addressed first, and then pertaining issues will fall in place. Find the impact of the problem on you; what does it make you feel? The origin of that feeling has to be altered. More often, you have been made to believe so, you have perceived yourself so, and then when the world perceives you the same, we tend to find the problem being with the world.

The world is a reflection of our own self!

Let us go little further into Nita’s life, you may even find a pattern of that feeling, Nita might be picking up quarrels with her friends, she might even feel left out at work when decisions are taken, she might even feel her children don’t respect her and hence ordering them around. Yes, all of this is/will bring discomfort to her. Why, because she has let herself feel not important.

Healing is miraculous! Heal yourself, and you will see the universe re-arranging itself.

Extrapolating this perception to a wider scenario, People who have been rejected, who have desired for love, who haven’t been accepted by, are those who are infected by HIV virus. LOL!!!

We are all a system of energy; we are state of being, driven by our consciousness. Everything that happens starts with our consciousness. Physical ailments are caused by the imbalance of the energy system. AIDS affects are immune system, which is controlled by thymus gland, related to the Heart chakra. The seven chakras govern our energy flow. The heart chakra reflects love and compassion. AIDS can be healed by giving and receiving love. Love thy, love the world.

The self- it is vital that you feel peace with yourself, for the world to give you peace. I, me, myself is not about being trapped in the thought of ‘I’ and remain an egotist; it is about understanding that your consciousness is your key.

सो ऽहम्


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