Monday, May 24, 2010

Retired hurt; but not out

It’s that time of the year students await the most, having taken their final exams; it is time away from books, time to relax and enjoy! This year, around that time, I appeared for my exams. After 5 years it sure does feel different. I couldn’t fill my blog space, as I had to spend time studying to fill my answer sheet :)

I really can’t say what emotions this particular exam brought in, for it was really a long wait for me. I always intended to get back to academics, but for some reason, it never happened for 5 years! I am glad it finally did. In many ways, it is quite odd, first, the time it took and second the discipline I chose to study!

Exams are exams. Nothing can change them, no matter how old you get! The difference this time around was, there were million other things to bother, apart from the exam itself. Work, for instance, I decided to juggle between the two, so I didn’t take off during my exams. I went to work in the morning, and then went to take my exams. It was quite strenuous. For those who are still wondering what exam I am talking about, it is my first year of studies in psychology.

I have somehow always liked studying; it gives me a sense of fulfillment. This was no exception; the subject is interesting, though when you study from an exam point of view, you hardly do any justice.

It was a mixed bag of emotions! On one hand, it sure did feel good, on another, it sent my thoughts pondering over our educational system. The exam definitely didn’t test the proficiency on the subject. It was the same old methodology of answering descriptive questions which gives the room for people to write what they please. Why can’t we have direct, objective questions that would need people to be specific with their answers? I know, many who are reading this might think, that would be the final nail in the coffin for the student community. But, isn’t the whole point of studying losing its purpose in this system? Since this is a distance education curriculum, I also feel, there could have been periodic assessment in the way of case studies, reports and research studies. Why aren’t we (The Educational Sector) in India using the Internet as a potential tool in imparting various courses and using the same to be connected? Nevertheless, I know none of these changes are to come anywhere in the near future.

Besides these down sides, I still am glad I took the step ahead, for it was these same down sides that kept me away from the system for so long! I had to make a choice, couldn’t hang around. It is better you make the most of what is available, learning doesn’t end with taking up exams, it goes beyond. The system can only accredit your knowledge in particular discipline, it can never measure it holistically. I needed the accreditation, and my learning would continue; it has just begun. I really want to be part of another educational system and see if it makes a difference. I really do! Wish I don’t have to wait another 5 years. LOL !! I wouldn’t, I am making it happen soon! Till then, I wish to assist a clinical/counseling psychologist in their practice, anybody who can help, please do let me know. You can also reach out to me, if you may need any assistance in dealing with your mind :)

P.S: I still code for a living ;)

[As a side note, for my own recording, I would like to pen down, that there are lot of subtle interesting things happening in my life, from the time I decided to heal and open up]

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Krishnan said...

"The system can only accredit your knowledge in particular discipline, it can never measure it holistically." ... How true!!!

That was really hitting the nail on its head :)
I could see the psychologist in the making!!! :):)
All the very best!!!