Monday, May 24, 2010

Second, and counting ...

I can’t believe i am married for 2 years. Time flies fast, the 2nd year has been quicker than the 1st, or at least so it seems! The celebrations this year was downplayed by large due to my exams, nevertheless it was special indeed. Anniversary doesn’t tantamount to a day of celebration, but is a reminiscent of the moments through the year!

My perception of marriage has completely changed after mine, for good though ;) The beauty of a marriage completely lies with the couple. Views on marriage can’t be passed in general, all spouse jokes target the maximum density points on the bell curve, exceptions are always there, both extremes, which extreme yours lies depends on your spouse and you !

I am really glad, He is my man. I am definitely blessed! Beyond this I don’t want words to express, for those emotions are special and will be held close to me.

I am wishing us a stronger lasting bond and many more years of togetherness through the rough and smooth tides. Let’s sail them all, hand in hand.

Dated: 18th May 2010


Nirmal said...

Happy Anniversary.

Divya said...

Thanks Nirmal !!

Krishnan said...

Belated Anniversary wishes!!!!