Thursday, July 15, 2010

Non-special Day

Today isn’t a special day in my calendar, yet in the couple of hours I have lived this day, I am feeling light and gay. Not many times one gets to feel delighted on a mundane week day. I do, today. I woke up to a lovely [bound to happen] news that lead to a chirpy small talk at home reminiscing few moments from the past.

The door bell rang. I got the book I had ordered – ‘Many lives, Many worlds’. Books excite me. I was engrossed in it as I traveled to work. A breeze of realization dawned up on me as I was staring out of the window, sinking in those words. Realizations make life meaningful. As I walked to my desk, was pondering over the events that are to occur in near future and the many events that have occurred. The moment was light and ephemeral, wanted to capture the essence before it could evade.

Ctrl+Alt+Del – Unlock my desktop. Open Gmail. One of the first things I do at work ;) In the list of junk mails, I find a mail from Robert Langdon, subject reads ‘The Lost Symbol’. I could have easily given it a miss, but I didn’t. It is a mail from Robert inviting me to join him in unveiling the lost symbol. The rules of the plot neatly laid. It wasn’t hard to guess the man behind the mail with many conspicuous hints to reveal his identity :) Looking forward to the maze that is to unfold! Bowled over by the surprise, let a sigh of exhilaration.

We are driving down to Masinagudi for the weekend. Looking forward to a day filled with lighter moments that cost smiles. Happy ‘Non-special’ Day!!

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