Thursday, July 15, 2010

First step

She was raring to go, but confined by her ability to move. She was getting older, and with every passing month her eagerness was on the rise. The world around her was evolving. She lay amidst the beauty of the universe, her innocence blending into the oneness. She sought comfort in that expanse, plenty to ponder over and relish. Every day brought in a new excitement, comprehending her world was her only challenge.

In her twinkling eyes, she held the rapt attention of the angels above. She conquered the hearts of her guarding souls with her mischievous smile.

She was building an elephant’s strength to take on the steady influx of novelty in her life; energized by the power of thousand suns to explore the unexposed. She was waiting for the world to unfold itself, before she could tread along to etch her path.

One day, she was determined to take the plunge. In her quest to extend her territory, she shunned her inhibition to experiment. She let go of her supporting walls, for a split second she held her balance and fell back to her supporting wall for assurance. Her face convoluted a multitude of expression, those emotions explicable only to her. She looked around for her guardian souls at the corner of her eye and shared a sly smile with glee. She wanted to beat her timing and her adrenaline was pumping harder. She wasn’t ready to call it day. She tried, tried and tried. With every try she was gaining expertise in the balancing act. Her guardian souls were perched closer to hold her support when she needed. With assuring smiles, wooing calls, nothing could stop her.

With all the encouragement she wanted to break from the shackles of confinement and be on her own in her tryst with destiny. She showed resolute to take the first step forward. Perched were we again around her to cheer her as she took on her mission. She took her hands of her support, balancing with care, hesitantly staring at us for directions. We egged her to reach out to us, but she couldn’t hold her balance, rested herself on those reliable walls. She didn’t let it go. She had to attempt. She did it again, we were anxiously waiting, her knees buckled under and she lost her balance. Five pairs of hands reached out to hold her from falling. She restored her balance. We saw fright in her eyes, a reflection of our involuntary surge of emotion. As we broke into a smile, she held on smiling. She never gave up. We were more adept to guide her now. As she stood balanced, we extended our hands to encourage her to put the first foot forward. She only took a finger to reinforce the confidence. As she held on to the finger, she took the mighty big step forward. She did it amongst the thunderous applause from her guiding souls. She didn’t retire.

She continued to take the tiny steps by holding our fingers but wasn’t enough to satisfy her. She went back to her reliable supporting wall, stood balanced looking at us with a mixed sense of ecstasy and pride. She was ready to take her first step all by her own. Her single point of focus was her guardian soul with arms stretched out, seated a meter away. With all her effort she put her best foot forward followed by the other to synchronize her movement - termed ‘walk ‘, to reach her destination, the comforting arms of her angel. As we looked up on with pride, she was immersed in joy, the joy of exploring the unknown. I am sure she would tread upon her life relishing in its beauty with the same resolute she showed in taking her first step.

Today is her birthday. She is turning two. She is celebrating her birthday on board with her mom and dad. Missing you my cute little sweetie pie!!

Here is wishing you a life filled with peace and harmony. There are many more First steps to take in life. Don’t fret; they would be as beautiful as your First.

Happy Birthday Yahavi!!

Hugs & Kisses - Mama & Aththai.

I am not sure why I had to write about your first step on your second birthday, I believe this is my celebration on your birthday. I hope it would be a good read for you when you grow up baby.

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Krishnan said...

Great post!! The human touch was so appealing across the post. Your descriptions created those images (I finished proj 4.. he he..)and what a first step it should have been!! Very well captured by Yahavi's Aththai.. :):) Btw I feel suddenly this is a great post for CC - project 4 too!! :):)

When the child grows up, she would be thrilled for sure to read her Athtai's wonderful description of her first step!! Lucky Yahavi!!! And do wish her on my behalf!!!