Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Does belonging to the 21st century make me any different from my mom and grand mom? The new age society has altered our way of living but can there be any variance in our biological wiring? We are women, we still tick the way we are meant to! Do we?

What has modernization over the ages done?

Increase in divorce rates, trending live-in relationships, and diminishing moral values.

Express ourselves (Self identity), experience independence and the ability to pursue our passion.

Are we the fulcrum to the functional Indian families? Is that the reason why, when we shift our focus on self, the families suffer? Our roles are augmenting, with freedom comes greater responsibility. Financial independence has given us the impetus to aspire and choose; the power to steer our lives. We have been deluged in celebrating independence that we have demented our essentiality.

Our right to choose has lifted imposed limitations, shattered social stigmas and broken confined rules attached to womanhood. The power to choose is a double edged sword, incautious exercising leaves indelible scars. The transitional women of the ester years were meticulous in handling the swords. They let empowerment enhance their character, opted with acumen and struck a balance. I know of women who had successful careers, denied promotions and basked in the glory of upbringing their children. They give in but didn’t give up. They limited their choices to widen the harmony of their family.

Have we lost the art of holding together? In the hurry to race, we have adapted to easier means to sustain our living, but can relationships also be made disposable? The supremacy of independence has got to our head chasing tolerance out of our character. We are undermining our etched roles of being the fulcrum deliberating it as confinement. Shedding the load of the fulcrum and embracing individuality would usher in singularity. The beauty of independence should be revered in companionship.

We need to take pride in our existence and purpose. I don’t believe in reservations for women, we don’t require special considerations; we are making progress. We can’t equal men, but we can compete. Nature has given us unique identities; it is time to revel in that fact. We may never be able to amass the physical strength of a man and so will a man never be able to express his concern, and care. This is the equation of the nature. Men have complimented women through the years. Our transformation wouldn’t have been possible if not for the Men who accommodate us.

Time can alter our attitude but I am no way different from my mom and grand mom. I am woman. I tick the way I am meant to be. I cannot but lift a falling child. Woman of today have to become aware of their inherent nature and not get carried away by empty façade of modernity.


Krishnan said...

The stress on balancing the various challenges & celebrating individuality with companionship really took the cake with the cherry! Nice article with light on the modern women and their struggles to juggle the varied responsibilities and still remain rooted to their family commitments.

DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

well said..
I feel, VAST DIFFERENCE exists between my mother's generation and my sister's generation.
i feel that too much of modernization has changed Indian women of this generation, but there are some better women better wife and better sister in today's generation too.
Point is: Women's of today are not like the women's of our mother's time.
Everything has changed from men to machine, change is inevitable.
Personally i feel women as gift given to earth !

Seema said...

nice article

Subhorup Dasgupta said...

I think it is an aspect of evolution that has to be reflected on carefully. We tend to look at what we perceive as desirable and follow it blindly. The balance between independence and gender specific identity is a tricky one. Your post captures the dilemma of the feminine versus modern very well.

Divya said...

:-) Everything on earth is a gift indeed!

Divya said...

Thank you :-)

Divya said...

True, evolution brings in change! As you said, it is very tricky indeed. It's made me think and re-think on my priorities in life and i feel one who knows his/her priorities can get out of the tricky situation! Thanks for your reading and sharing your views :-)