Thursday, June 14, 2012

Need Vs Desire

I am writing a post after a long while! Post recovery, i have been up to nothing ;)

So, here is a post from a person who is idle :) It is said that the 'Observer' and the 'Observed' cannot be differentiated, but all that have been up to over the last couple of months is 'Observation'! I believe at some point the observing dissolves and only the observer stays - a state of nothingness! I am nowhere close to it, hence watch for the observer effect..

Well, need is a necessity, while desire is not!

The society as i see it today is filled with 'Desire' rather than 'Need'. Does this world have enough to fulfill the growing desire of each one of us?

"Define your needs, it drives your action"!

It is a man's basic need to 'Eat', but today we have turned the 'Need' to 'Desire'. With so much options in life, our desires have only grown. The lesser number of choices, the simpler life is, but we have complicated our life's by augmenting the choices.

If only we stayed satisfied eating apples(food of the region), today we wouldn't have to worry over deciding which restaurant to go! With choices and the desire growing, we work harder to earn the extra buck to fulfill our desire. Today, we aren't satisfied eating international cuisine, we want to make more money to afford food at the lavish star restaurants.

It is the same with every other need in our life. Man begins with  a need - a cloth to cover, then probably a attire that is in-trend, then branded clothes, then designer clothing - desire is endless.

Nature has enough to fulfill our needs, but i doubt if it can fulfill our voracious greed!

The beauty of life lies in its simplicity :)

One may ask what is wrong in yearning for more in life - desire is endless - endless desire leads to endless troubles!

I have observed that people who are simple being more peaceful and more content. The mad rush for everything in this modern society has made us live in denial and a superficial world! Life is truly a 'Maya' in current scenario more than ever.

The observer is steadily losing interest in the hushed-up living of modern days! It is indeed difficult to stay simple when you have the potential to compete in the rat-race and fulfill your desires. A sense of being left behind is also not easy to come to terms with, until and unless you decipher the 'Maya' of desire.


Anonymous said...

We will be able to connect to our true nature with simplicity:)

VRVD_LongFellow said...

Any "rule" will bring stress. This includes the "rule" that "I want to live a simple life". Whenever others who are entwined in your life do things that go against your rules, it adds stress.

Any ritual that you feel you should follow will also add stress, especially on days when you are not able to follow it.

One has to be aware and go beyond this - stress when you do and stress when you don't... Be able to do your duty and be flexible, go with the flow - and don't add rules, including the rule that you have to live a simple life... that is a different view point.