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Paris Travel Guide - Less on cost, More on experience

There is plenty of information available online that will help you plan your travel to Paris. Here, i would be trying to put together my experiences that will help you explore Paris like a true traveler! Traveling in Paris, i realized if exploring the city is your interest then there are various means to cut cost and still experience the city's charm.

The first question that arises on people's mind is whether to take the Paris pass or not.

Paris pass provides you free admission to most of Paris's Museums and Monuments.

Don't take it!
Traveling within Paris - Metro is the best! The Paris metro connects the city very well, you will never feel the need for another transport.

Again with the metro you have several options - Paris Metro Pass, Daily Pass and Carnet(10 Tickets)

Paris metro pass allows you unlimited travel for a day,two,three, etc. You can choose the number of days.

Daily pass - unlimited travel for a day

Carnet is the best bet - you get 1 tickets for 12.5 Euros as compared to 1 ticket for 1.50 Euro.

Take a metro to your first place and then walk to the nearby attractions. Most attractions are close by and walking helps you experience the city better. If you had to take the metro everywhere you will miss the city.

You will use 3-4 tickets a day. Taking the daily pass at 6.5 Euros is not worth. Buy a carnet and use it! It saves money and time.

If you are traveling more than 2 countries in the Europe, the next question is ,"Do i get the Euro Rail Pass or not?"

The Euro rail pass may come handy if you traveling in through many countries and countries where rail is expensive. We did Italy without a rail pass and it worked out cheaper. So, don't jump and get the Euro rail pass, make a quick calculation and compare. The trains in Italy are said to cheaper than rest of Europe.

What to see?

With over 70 museums and monuments in Paris, what to see and how many days to spend in Paris?

The number of days depends on your time and interest in exploring the city! 3 days in Paris would be ideal, if you are traveling across many places. If you have the time anywhere between 5-7 days would be just perfect!

What is worth seeing in 3 days?

Museums - Pick 2-3 (Don't miss the Louvre)
Eiffel tower - book early to skip the lines. Go there around sunset so that you can see it both in daylight and night lights!
Arc De Trimoph and Champs Elysees - Walking up the Arc is worth it. You have Elevators too. At champs Elysees, spend time to try out the food.
Cathedrals Notre-Dame and Sacre Cour

Visit the Pantheon and Invalides. Luxemborg is close to Pantheon. Take a cruise on the River Siene.

Other main attractions: Moulin Rouge, Catacombs, more cathedrals, Palace of Versailles(Away from main Paris), La Defense(Modern buildings), Opera

Get a good map of Paris and spend some time to mark the place you are interested in and grouping them together! Keep both map of paris and metro map handy always!

All these attractions come at a price! The Museums are Free on the First Sunday of every month. Plan accordingly and save good money!

Experiencing the french culinary is definitely a part of your travel! Often, the small neat restro serves the most tasty and authentic food. Rue Mouteffard is a place where you should have one dining experience for the price and taste. You will get a 3 course meal for anywhere between 9 to 13 euros. All the restaurants display their menu outside, so it is easy to choose your place! Drink Parisian wine - you can buy some from Rue Mouteffard.

Dining in Paris is relatively expensive as compared to Italy. Find those quaint little shops for your money's worth. Montmarte is another area where you can eat cheaper.

Try the croissants - awesome!

Accommodation - If you are traveling alone, backpackers accommodation would be ideal and inexpensive. Please read the reviews on TripAdvisor before you make a booking, otherwise you might land in a shabby place.

Couples can also get into backpackers/hostel, if you aren't keen on luxury. They offer the basic necessities and are essentially clean.

You can get a room for anywhere between 60-80 Euros!

you still want to stay in a hotel and not ready to spend - try hotels little away from the main city! but then be ready to spend extra on commuting!

You may find cheaper accommodations near Gare du Nord, but it is better to avoid that area-mugging and pick pocketing is a possibility!

Montmarte is close to Gare du Nord, but is safer! You can find an accommodation here too.

Like in any new city, be completely aware of your surroundings, don't flaunt, carry only a day's cash and travel safe!

People of Paris - Language remains a barrier but humanity thrives beyond languages!
If you are focused to comprehend what the other person is saying, you will definitely understand irrespective of the fact that you know nothing of that language. Humans communicate your their body and mind.

We found the people of Paris to be warm and friendly. Everyone tried their best to help and greet even though they didn't speak English! Don't hesitate to ask. It is better to ask and be sure than be lost!

Paris is beautiful, just immerse yourself in her beauty and enjoy!

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