Friday, December 23, 2011

Italy Travel Guide

Traveling through Italy, one can expect to be blown over by artistic history, food, and landscape. Even if you aren't inclined to art, you still will be amazed by most cathedrals and monuments!

The popular circuit for traveling in Italy would be Milan-Venice-Florence-Rome-Naples-Sicily especially if you are traveling extensively in Italy.

The abridged version generally is Venice-Rome-Vatican city!

I personally believe it is better to take some time and relish the country than be hurried. Yes, the Roman Colosseum, Vatican church and Venetian Islands are a must see and would give you the glimpse of Italy but wouldn't you wanna relax on the beaches, and lose your taste buds to sensational seafood?

The northern and southern Italy are remarkably different - People, Culture, Food, Landscape - its good to experience both!

Season: Visiting Italy in winter and summer are two different experiences too!
Summer being the season, is filled with tourist. It is when the sun shines, perfect climate for traveling! Costs are high. Ideal time to explore the beaches and unwind in idyllic lush green surrounding.

The biggest plus in visiting during winter is cost! you will pay half the price for most things, as its off-season. But also be prepared to see most places wear a pale look as many wind up their business.

If you are going to spend many days in Italy then, i would suggest these quiescent hidden treasures : Lake como region - bordering Alps, be ready to witness some splendid landscape; Cinque Terre - enchanting rugged coast with cliffs, Verona - famous for its Arena, City walls and Juliet's love story; Lake Garda - scenic landscapes for rejuvenation; Islands in venice - Lido, Murano ; Coasts of Tuscany, Naples, Sicily - white sandy beaches.

They are not really hidden but relatively retain their cultural charm and beauty!!

Must See:

Last Supper Painting, Milan - Make your reservations online, gets booked a month in advance. You get to see this marvel for 15 mins exclusively! You can read the history of this painting. Expensive but still worth it, if you love and can appreciate art!

Venice - Just cause there is no place like it! Try to get away from the crowd and sail through the narrow alleys to get a real experience of being in venice.

Piazza Michaelangelo, Florence - a charming small city! experience the beauty of walking through this place. Go up to the Piazzale Michaelangelo - the view of florence from here is a real beauty!

David, Accademia Gallery, Florence - Entry on the expensive side but again worth the fee to see this sculpture of Michaelangelo

Leaning Tower of Pisa - The bell tower of Pisa cathedral that leans! 15 euros to climb up, if you think its expensive, you can skip it! The tower isn't very tall to give you great views. Walking up the tower in itself a experience, as you can feel the slant as you go up!

Roman Colosseum and Forum - Just to think you are standing in a place where gladiatorial games were held is a creepy feeling! Walking through the excavations of Roma makes you wonder! Read up Roman history to enhance your experience.

St.Peter's Square/Vatican Museum - Being in the world's smallest country! The vatican church is marvelous - take your time to stop by and be stunned. The museum is mammoth! It houses Raphel's work.

The Trio - When in Italy, make sure you see the works of Leonardo, MichaelAngelo and Raphel.

Apart from the historical monuments that will leave you astonished, spend enough time in scenic areas- Lakes, Beaches, and Hills. Learn to speak a few words of Italian, interact with the people, have a croissant and a cappuchino - truly Italian!

Travel and Food - the awesome combo! and in Italy, it is just gonna add up!!

Just let yourself shamelessly gobble those yummy Pizzas & Gelatos!!

Allora ;-) Godetevi il vostro viaggio gastronomo!

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