Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jan Lokpal - is the Government listening?

It is heartening to see that this government is actually seeking for suggestions from the common man. Every Indian wants a Strong Lokpal bill to control the menace of corruption in our country. Corruption has become an epidemic in our country which has stalled the growth of our Nation, Please pass a bill that is strong and effective.

The Jan Lokpal proposed by the civil society is more effective and has taken many parameters into account to devise a fool proof system against corruption, yes there might be few areas that are hard to bring into effect from the Jan Lokpal bill, but that does not mean we replace it with a weak Lokpal.

Let us try and find some balance and not compromise on fighting corruption.

The reason why the common man is angry and frustrated is because till date this Government has not really been proactive in fighting corruption and hence the widespread fear that the Government is not serious about enforcing a strong bill. Please show the Nation you are as interested as the common man in fighting corruption.

The legacy of the UPA -II Government in fighting corruption has been very soft, there has many scams that have been found in this governance by cabinet ministers and yet no action was initiated when it was brought to the Government initially. All the progress and action that we see today has happened much after the Supreme Court intervened and directed the Government. With said state of affairs, it is natural for the Indians not to believe in their elected Government.
It is time to re-gain the faith of the people of India by enforcing a strong bill, any ulterior motive in passing the bill cannot be hidden from the people as today the citizens are educated and vigilant. The media and judiciary has been functioning at their optimal best and so trying to employ any kind of divisive politics would only backfire on the Government.

We need a strong Lokpal Bill and we wouldn’t accept anything less. We do not have to tell you what a Strong Lokpal means, I am sure our elected representative know it much better than us. You know the game of governance better than us. It is only the intention to implement a strong lokpal that is missing and not the ability to implement a strong bill.

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