Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy B'day Yahavi !!

Dear Yahavi,

Another year, and yet again we aren’t celebrating your birthday together. Happy Birthday Dear!! Miles apart, yet you fill our minds with your charismatic smile :-) Most of this year, we have been away from each other and I missed watching you grow. Nevertheless we have spent some precious time together and you never fail to impress me. Your mere presence at home energizes the entire space. I have enjoyed every bit of you; the mellowness I see when you stay occupied all by yourself, the restlessness I sense when your dear ones are not around, the casualness you try to flaunt immediately after you have been disapproved – and you are all of three years dear. You have indeed been born with innate qualities.

I would like to recall few special incidents that would stay engraved in memory. It was Diwali, raining and wet outside, I tried cajoling you to wear your footwear so you could stay on your own. You vehemently refused, a girl who loves to wear her footwear so that she can stay out refused. I was confused. I tried explaining to you many things and even tried to put a bolder face – you didn’t budge. Finally I left on the floor near home, stating, “You either go out with your footwear or stay here”. I quietly vividly remember how you wanted to run, yet looked at me from the corner of your eye and stayed there.

One night, when everyone at home tried to keep a stern face to let you know that we disapprove what you did, for about nearly an hour you didn’t mind us and were on your own trying to show us that you didn’t have a problem with our disapproval by being chirpy and happy, completely absorbed with your toys and your playmate – Dada. Quite a resolve lady. It was heart wrenching, when you finally came stood and looked at us expectantly, wishing we would just talk. It was indeed moving to watch you stand with tears brimming from your eyes and half willingly say ‘Sorry’. Oh dear you are the sweetest!

There are many more to the list dear. I believe you were disappointed when you returned from NewZealand and didn’t find Mama at home. I still don’t know why you refused to talk to Mama over phone in spite of me requesting you do so many times. I am not sure if it was just child pranks or you do hold an emotion associated to it. Either way, you know we love you where ever we are.
We wouldn’t be around in the coming days too; I only wish to see you and personally bid good-bye before I leave home. Let’s keep faith and believing the distance wouldn’t curb the exchange of love.

The world is an awesome place to be in, enjoy every moment of your life. Happy B’day! Wishing you abundance of Strength and resolve to explore your life, they way you intend to. Our prayers of peace and joy will linger in your space.

I only hope, writing letters to you on your Birthday doesn’t become a tradition ;) Wishing to be with you on your Fourth Birthday!


Hugs, kisses and fond B’day wishes from Aththai, Mama, Dada and all of us back home.

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