Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dec 2009 - My tryst with Psychology

A break in blogging is inevitable. Instead of rambling over why I wasn’t here, I shall get to sharing what I have missed. Into a new year and so many random thoughts entwined, though I ended 2009 in the most enchanting way.

Ten days away from home for the first time ever in my life, but didn’t feel what one is suppose to ;-) I was looking forward to the opportunity and to the fact that I am finally getting back to studying and studying something that has always intrigued me. The Human Behaviour. It wasn’t any way disappointing, imagine being in a class packed with people from all over the country and of various age groups. Quite an experience! The lectures were no way boring, good food for thought. The schedule was tight that one could never realize anything beyond the present. Experiencing to Live in the present by itself was a worthy experience, how many times does one get to do that in our everyday routine? Though time was hard to account, it wasn’t really strenuous and didn’t demand one to break free. To add to the beauty to the days, i had a good old friend of mine as a companion to partner with me in this aberrant choice of mine. Yes, it did bring in another pleasant dimension to the whole rendezvous. We spent most of the evening talking about people and psychology and wondering if at all our busy urban lifestyle would permit us to take any of these learning’s in? Talking was one activity that we did from dawn to dusk. When you get to do what you want, you tend to add distinctness to your act which you never would otherwise. That’s what we did. At the end of 10 long days, we did want to head back home, but definitely knew we will miss the very feeling of being with the self. 2 months after the classes, still feels fresh. Looking forward to the classes next year.

A nice road trip, with many special moments and enthralling experiences wrapped up the year. I didn't know then it would be a beginning..


NIRMAL said...

Where were you? bootcamp?

You must share your learnings on Humar Behavior. We can learn from others learning easier.

Divya said...

Sure. Will soon post one on my learnings of Human behavior.