Monday, August 10, 2009

Life's Learnings - Learnt the hard way

When your heart is heavy with bitter emotions and your mind is clogged with thoughts, writing is the simplest option to ease your nerves. It is altogether a different debate on what causes your heart to weigh heavy and your mind to be clogged. I often feel it is the aspirations and expectations that one looks for in life. what would keep us going if we didn't have a destination to reach, we would just be left where we are.

It is very important and necessary to envision your destination , do all you can to discover the righteous path to that destination and yet not expect an outcome, for those who fantasize their destination will only end up being hurt, now or another day. One can only set his eyes on the destination, but never will know the nature of the destination till he belongs there, And what you get does not necessarily depend on the righteous path you took , many parameters beyond your own comprehension might steal that fantasy away from you.

To just save you from the apathy of a heavy heart and clogged mind, behold your fantasies, never set expectations for there is no righteousness that can be measured. Alas, you and i are humans and would have to evolve to unlearn our characteristic trait of setting expectations.

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