Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back in Jo'burg

It has been 12 days since i landed here. Many of my friends are asking me if i have settled, if settling means having a roof over my head and 3 meals to eat then, yes am very well settled :-) I wonder how people settle in a new country! Do their emotions ever settle? I can't comment so early, but in my experience after having met many people who have lived away from home for many years, i can only say "deep" down there is a state of void.

I had been so busy last year and it wasn't a kind of job that kept me occupied. At the end of every day, when i went back to myself i was content, i had very little to crib. So, to be exploring now and starting my career afresh appears to be more than challenging! I have moved from one profession to another once in my life, that had been quite a challenge and now to have a new profession in a new country - you know what am talking about. If you have been down that path, leave a word of encouragement ;-)

I am back to being the jack of all trades!

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Shiva said...

Living life the way you like is more important..You may have chosen a path which follows your passion..Though hard,you ll surely succeed..remember that "Success is to flow like water through ROCKS"...All de best..!!